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(‘16) is a Bay Area native…kinda. Once from Sweden and then Chile, proudly Oaklandish for the past 13 years. Down with the hip-hopo and anything else that inspires shoulder swaying, booty shaking, and sometimes painful but always fruitful contemplation.
week 3 playlist


Stanford Dining seems to be playing a game of “Deal or No Deal” with the student body as it says, “Sure, we’ll extend dinner and late night hours…but only if we can serve Chocolate Chicken and Teriyaki Dogs.” Read more…

dr dre

F*ck Wit Dre Day 2k14: Your Week Ten Playlist

Dr. Dre became Apple’s newest (and buffest) employee over the weekend. Ice Cube’s latest project was the sequel to “Are We There Yet?” These are dark days for gangsta rap. Still waiting on Detoxto drop…

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That Week Between Mother’s Day and Exotic Erotic: your week seven playlist

Your friendly reminder that you’ve got a month to prepare for Father’s Day now. Just make sure that the gift you get him isn’t too much better than the $5 picture of yourself you were guilted into getting by those moms near the Bookstore. We’re sure she loved that, though, it was very sweet and from the heart.

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rainy day

April Showers on Hoover Tower: your week five playlist

So much for a “dry” weekend, am I right? Now that you’re done lying to pro-fros about how happy you are and being over-saturated with a cappella performances, you can finally return to the Stanford experience, like lying to yourself about how happy you are and being over-saturated with a cappella performances.

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Wish I Had Had This On Ski Trip: your week two playlist

If you’re reading this right now, it means you’ve survived and escaped the snowpocalypse that took over every place except California.  Shout out to Stanford and our fantastic location.

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