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(’17, hopelessly undeclared) seriously has too many personalities to encompass in a few sentences. It is important to note, however, that in her nonexistent spare time she quite enjoys baltering to Beyonce, reading online articles, and obsessing over aesthetic. She sports anything from cartoon t-shirts with printed pants to Victorian blazers.
finals week

March Madness: your finals week playlist

Or sadness, if you’re in twenty two units.  Or gladness, if you’re stoked about Stanford Men’s Basketball team’s spot in the tournament, or about this video by the women’s team, or about spring break and the ten wild weeks that are Stanford Spring Quarter.

Let’s stick with gladness.  Here are some tracks to get you through to the break.

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Wish I Had Had This On Ski Trip: your week two playlist

If you’re reading this right now, it means you’ve survived and escaped the snowpocalypse that took over every place except California.  Shout out to Stanford and our fantastic location.

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It’s Called Dead Week but We’re Staying Alive: your week ten playlist

At other universities, Dead Week is a time removed from scheduled classes during which students are encouraged to study and review their class material in preparation for a week of final exams.

Stanford’s official response to this widely practiced reading period: “lol go 2 class foolz.”

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Giving Thanks to the 48th State: your fall break playlist

You did it, guys! You made it to break. Go and gorge yourself, you’ve earned it. Try to ignore that nagging feeling that pervades your life, filling you with a sense of dread that there’s work to do, essays to write, finals to study for. Kick back and jam out.

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Scrambling to Get Red Zone Points: your week nine playlist

Still hungover after drowning your football-induced sorrows? Kick back and enjoy one last week of not having to deal with your crazy family with our homemade, fresh-out-the-oven playlist. Don’t even think about all those deadlines coming up.

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