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(‘17) identifies with the planet Pluto and never knows what her art means. She is still coming to terms with the fact that she shares her name with the llama from Napoleon Dynamite.

That Week Between Mother’s Day and Exotic Erotic: your week seven playlist

Your friendly reminder that you’ve got a month to prepare for Father’s Day now. Just make sure that the gift you get him isn’t too much better than the $5 picture of yourself you were guilted into getting by those moms near the Bookstore. We’re sure she loved that, though, it was very sweet and from the heart.

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Throwback Thursday: 1974

Remember the good ol’ days of 1974? Watergate, the Rumble in the Jungle, lots of civil wars and stuff. Everybody did drugs and wore weird clothes, probably. StAR is taking you back to a simpler time, with weird glam rock, shitty Japanese horror movies, and a long poem you probably won’t read.

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Shout Out to Richard Sherman’s PWR Teacher: your week three playlist

Three day weekend left you weakened? Now is not the winter quarter of your discontent. If you’re feeling down, start bumping these tracks, even if you’re in Green Library. People will appreciate your verve.

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Wish I Had Had This On Ski Trip: your week two playlist

If you’re reading this right now, it means you’ve survived and escaped the snowpocalypse that took over every place except California.  Shout out to Stanford and our fantastic location.

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