Josef von Sternberg's Anatahan is His Power(ful) Manifesto

It’s Sternberg’s most challenging look into male desire-cum-power, and the danger that lurks underneath our thick “civilized” skins.

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Ragtime as Resistance

The strength of these performances in particular allowed Ragtime’s message, a pushback against apathy and silence, and condemnation of the oppression and fracturing that results from imposed social ca…

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To See Ourselves Correctly

In the same way that you as the audience must see, through the graphic descriptions of Matthew’s injuries, his brutal victimization, you must also see McKinney as a human with a face and a young child…

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VIBES: your week 10 playlist

Some vibes to get you through dead week.

HANA – “Clay” – as described by som-mai nguyen

For all your quietly-vengeful-mermaid aesthetic needs. Wait for the beat, then wait for the hook.

WILCO – “She’s A Jar” – as described by nick burns

Part of what makes Summerteeth such an enduringly enjoyable album is how dream and nightmare are inextricable from start to finish. “Lush” is a word that comes up again and again, but also “emotionally devastated”: it’s the Cocteau Twins meets the Mountain Goats. “She’s A Jar” is driven by lazy, distant synths punctuated by expansive harmonica: the instruments are as relaxing as the […] Read more…

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