The Food: Solange - "F.U.B.U."

This is not a earworm that anyone can squeal out to their little heart’s content because it “Gives me life!” or because “That’s my jam!”

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Political Classics: "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962)

It is propulsive, addicting filmmaking of the highest order. It demands our attention, choking and grabbing us by the coat lapels in the process.

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22, A Million: Bon Iver’s New Album ≈ Folk × Yeezus + ∞duality

This is not your “Skinny Love.” This is not your “Holocene.”

22, A Million was just released last week on September 30th. It’s been five years since Bon Iver’s last album, Bon Iver, and besides some appearances here and there, notably in James Blake’s “I Need a Forest Fire,” the band has mostly shied from the public eye, and took a break following the unexpected fame.

The break is over. And This is no longer the woodsy, folksy, guitar-dominated sound of the Bon Iver of the past. There’s exaggerated autotune, glitch, cryptic symbols dotting the album cover, song titles, and lyric videos, […] Read more…


DUETS: your week 2 playlist

The best 1-2 punches.

TOM JOBIM & ELIS REGINA – “Águas de Março” – as described by nick burns

It’s the most pure and otherworldly of all the bossa nova standards, the catchiest (“Girl from Ipanema” notwithstanding) and the most happily inscrutable, seeming to exist—not unlike Dylan’s “Mr Tambourine Man”—outside the boundaries of genre, mood, lyrical convention or meaning: is it a sad song? a happy one? Elis and Tom are certainly cute, playing cat and mouse with the mic, but the words and the notes mix melancholy and joy: the titular rains of March, Regina sings, […] Read more…

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