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(‘16, Computer Science/Spanish minor) has cracked her phone screen more times than you. Talents include folding burritos and typing really fast, and she’s never not drinking coffee.

no speak americano: YOUR WEEK NINE PLAYLIST

K rap, V pop, New York Salsa, les DJs francais, Latino heartthrobs, Japanese samba — just taste of our smorgasbord of music from beyond Anglophonia. Read more…


That Week Between Mother’s Day and Exotic Erotic: your week seven playlist

Your friendly reminder that you’ve got a month to prepare for Father’s Day now. Just make sure that the gift you get him isn’t too much better than the $5 picture of yourself you were guilted into getting by those moms near the Bookstore. We’re sure she loved that, though, it was very sweet and from the heart.

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week two

Soundtrack to the Sun: your week two playlist

Stanford Spring Quarter exists in a bizarre dilemma universe where every day feels like a beautiful afternoon in mid-July where nothing matters except having a cold drink and a pair of sunglasses.. while still still living up to the academic requirements of one of the most demanding universities in the country.

WOOP WOOP.  Here’s your soundtrack to the sun.

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band of horses

Like Spiders Up and Down the Frets: A Review of Band of Horses

“This one’s for all the dead people out there.”

That was how I spent my Valentine’s Day: in the dark, rustic, corridors of San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, listening to Band of Horses’s lead singer Ben Bridwell morbid attempt at a joke before the band launched into their most famous single, “The Funeral.”

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