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(‘16, Undeclared, Literature Editor) hails originally from Lafayette, Louisiana. When not gator wrestlin’ or crawfish boilin’, Alec spends his time playing and listening to music, reading, writing, and dominating at fantasy football. He writes for the Stanford Review and is a member of the local jazz ensemble Skeleton Crew.
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i’m just tryna live: YOUR WEEK FIVE PLAYLIST

California Voter Registration closes today. Shout out to contributor Libby Scholz for the reminder and the message collab from Lil’ Jon and Lena Dunham (what?). I would have loved to have been in that pitch meeting. Read more…

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giving you the runaroundabout : YOUR WEEK FOUR PLAYLIST

There is now a traffic circle at Escondido and Campus Drive.

This is going to be a disaster. Read more…

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Jams, Jellies and Marmalades: Your Mid Summer Playlist

It’s early August.  You still have a month and a half of summer, and all your friends are leaving you to go back to college.  Here’s a lil’ splash of dopeness to keep you soaking in that summer goodness.  Dive in.

 Read more…

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