PLAYLISTS are a weekly smorgasbord of music chosen by our editors and contributors that come with a side dish of analysis and personal reflection. Playlist submissions (song, embed link, and 100-200 word description) are solicited on the email list with the weekly theme every Sunday and are due on Monday by 1 pm to to Anthony.

REVIEWS strike a balance between well-articulated opinion, thoughtful description, and authorial voice. Reviews can be traditional (of a concert, play, festival, musical, dance performance, book, film, art exhibit) or non-traditional (The Axe & Palm as reviewed by Nabokov, a poem in response to a poem, Bastille in snapchats). And the best part? We’ll pay for your ticket.

PROFILES focus on a particular person or group and strive toward that mysterious light at the end of the tunnel called “objectivity.” Profiles come in the form of interviews, in which the writer introduces and then chronicles a conversation they’ve had with the subject, or features, which narrativize the subject’s practice and perspectives. StAR publishes a weekly series on Stanford student artists, from circus performers and DJs to collage artists and sculptors, but professors, visiting artists, and locally and nationally recognized artists are also fair game.

COMMENTARIES break down experiences or works of art, using them as the jumping off points for critically examining culture at large. Commentaries come in the form of longer essays, often with a personal or polemical bent.

Questions? Ready to submit? Email Katie.