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(‘15, Comparative Literature) grew up in White Suburbia, CA and is still trying to get out. His interests include haiku poetry, long conversations, and the re-mystification of our postmodern wasteland.

Let The Music Take Control

It’s time to face the music, or lack thereof: Stanford isn’t fun anymore. In this time of social drought, we have few outlets for the pressure that builds over the course of a quarter at Stanford. More and more of us have taken to evacuating campus on the weekends.

And so last Saturday, my homies and I went to San Francisco to see Bassnectar. Read more…

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i’m just tryna live: YOUR WEEK FIVE PLAYLIST

California Voter Registration closes today. Shout out to contributor Libby Scholz for the reminder and the message collab from Lil’ Jon and Lena Dunham (what?). I would have loved to have been in that pitch meeting. Read more…


Run the Trap!

I remember when friends wouldn’t let me play dubstep in the car. Yesterday, a girl of about sixteen drove by me playing this. The times have changed. Read more…

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