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(‘17, Communication, Music Editor) is a contributor from San Antonio, TX. She believes in making playlists for every occasion and chronically overthinks everything.

HEADLINERS: your week 2 playlist

Spring is for defrosting.

YOUNG THE GIANT – “Mr. Know-It-All” – as described by chloe rickards

The lead singer of Young the Giant is a Stanford alum — it shouldn’t be too hard for Frost to rope them in, right? And, while they might not open with (or even play) “Mr. Know-It-All,” I feel like this song could have been inspired by Sameer Gadhia’s time here.

LORDE – “Green Light” – as described by siena streiber

Maybe it’s just because I’ve only been on this campus for three years, or maybe it’s my increasing inner feminist, but why in the heck haven’t I seen […] Read more…


VIBES: your week 10 playlist

Some vibes to get you through dead week.

HANA – “Clay” – as described by som-mai nguyen

For all your quietly-vengeful-mermaid aesthetic needs. Wait for the beat, then wait for the hook.

WILCO – “She’s A Jar” – as described by nick burns

Part of what makes Summerteeth such an enduringly enjoyable album is how dream and nightmare are inextricable from start to finish. “Lush” is a word that comes up again and again, but also “emotionally devastated”: it’s the Cocteau Twins meets the Mountain Goats. “She’s A Jar” is driven by lazy, distant synths punctuated by expansive harmonica: the instruments are as relaxing as the […] Read more…

Photo of PRINCE

THE PURPLE ONE: your week 7 playlist

More people need to listen to Prince…


“1999” – as described by alex cheng

Harrowing music video, pretty good dancing, one of the greatest songs of all time. Prince still manages to look cool while performing with the vampires from What We Do In the Shadows in a high school gymnasium.

“Sometimes It Snows in April” – as described by tyler dunston

Possibly the saddest song he ever wrote. Prince’s falsetto in the second “I-I-I used to cry for Tracy…”  gets me every time. (Not to mention D’Angelo covered this song after Prince’s death: “I often dream of heaven and I know that…Prince is there” — […] Read more…


90s RAP THROWBACK: your week 4 playlist

Our favorite 90s hip-hop.

PUBLIC ENEMY – “Fight The Power” – as described by yanni dahmani

Mother fuck Trump and John Wayne

HOUSE OF PAIN – “Jump Around” – as described by ena alvarado

Who else watched Mrs. Doubtfire obsessively as a kid? I can’t remember how many times I danced recklessly to this song on top of my mother’s precious dining table, home alone in our apartment on a Sunday afternoon. To call it a classic would be an irresponsible understatement. “Jump Around” is a funk fest, and all that remains is to hail Robin Williams!

BEASTIE BOYS – “Body Movin’” – as described […] Read more…

BJD45W Five High School students at school.

HIGH SCHOOL THROWBACKS: your week 3 playlist

Throwback to 4 years ago.

CALVIN HARRIS – “Feel So Close” – as described by kevin garcia

Though I haven’t engaged with much of his work outside of his fresh Top 40 singles, Calvin Harris released this #banger just a few weeks before the start of my senior year of high school and, out of its sheer ubiquity, I probably sat through this song hundreds of times during that 10 month stretch of time.

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS – “Cry for Judas” – as described by nick burns

Much of the music that came out in 2012–2013 now sounds dated to me, and Transcendental Youth is not the […] Read more…


The Lost Weeknd

It’s not just The Weeknd on this album; it’s also The Weeknd playing the role of Starboy, and the album feels like Abel Tesfaye trying to make room for both. Read more…

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