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Stanford Dining seems to be playing a twisted game of negotiation with the student body as it says, “Sure, we’ll extend dinner and late night hours…but only if we can serve Chocolate Chicken and Teriyaki Dogs.”

On a unrelated note, this week’s playlist features the largest selection of hand-picked organic ear candy, just in case you’re feeling hungry.

SBTRKT x EZRA KOENIG — “New Dorp. New York.” — as described by paulina campos

Even though I’ve spent the last month in a totally new environment filled with new experiences and overwhelming opportunities, the news of this glorious musical collaboration was still one of the most exciting things I’d heard in weeks.

I had been eagerly awaiting new music from SBTRKT, whose second full-length album “Wonder Where We Land” drops October 7th, and was beyond happy to see that Ezra Koenig was in the lineup of collaborators (along with rapper Raury and songstress Denai Moore). As an avid Vampire Weekend fan, I love seeing frontman Ezra lend his unique voice to awesome tracks like this one. And who better for a bizarre tribute to New York than this New York City native and Columbia grad?


THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS — “Champions of Red Wine” — as described by stephanie wang

This is an anthem for nights spent in a softly lit room, casually sipping wine with friends whilst trash-talking ex-lovers and reliving past mistakes. We’re poking at bruises but the buzz of warmth and laughter dulls any pain. Go ahead and pour yourself another glass – we’re champions of red wine.


SEEKAE — “Another” — as described by connor kelley

My car’s thermometer shouldn’t read “129° F” when it’s October 5th. This song reminds me that maybe we’ll actually have fall weather before New Years. Enjoy.


BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB — “Carry Me” — as described by sasha perigo

I’ve always been a fan of Bombay Bicycle Club, but they climbed the ranks to one of my favorite bands with the release of their album So Long, See You Tomorrow this year. Despite the fact that the oldest band member is just 24, So Long, See You Tomorrow is Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth album and the maturity shows. Switch on this soulful and melodic single sometime this week to break up a long day studying in the stacks.


CHET FAKER – “Gold” – as described by siena streiber

Chet Faker’s “Gold” is what gets me out of bed in the morning.
Or is what keeps me wanting to lie in bed all day.
Let it choose for you.


JON BELLION — “Simple and Sweet” — as described by ethan jones

Visionary Music Group’s resident hit maker (publishing credits include “The Monster” by Eminem/Ri Ri) Jon Bellion is on the verge of great things in his own right, beginning with the release of his most recent mixtape The Definition and The Beautiful Mind Tour which kicked off this week in Boston.  “Simple and Sweet” is a veritable paradox, starting off just as it’s aptly titled – with Bellion singing over a stripped-down (self-produced) beat, claiming that “You don’t need no big production / The synth and just my voice is fine…” before the heavier-hitting production hits in a big way around 1:55.
And then it’s over before it even began.

Jon Bellion rolls through the Bay Area on October 17th at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco. Tickets are $12 on the sketchiest ticketing website I’ve seen in years.


STARFUCKER–“Girls Just Want to Have Fun”–as described by julia espero

I’ve been hanging out with my RAs more often than my actual dorm mates–I like to think that it’s not because they’re also paid to basically tolerate me. This past Friday night–as I was attempting not to fall asleep in one of their room–this song came on. I’d like to think it’s the essential Friday song and possibly one of the freshest covers ever. I have no remorse for liking STARFUCKER’s cover more than Cyndi Lauper’s original. While you’re carrying on with your shameless self, don’t forget to have a little fun.


TONY MATTERHORN — “Dutty Wine” —as described by mysia anderson

Whine yuh waist!!! In honor of moi being one of the newest members of the dance group Catch a Fyah, I’m putting some dancehall on this playlist! Beyond excited to add some flavor to my Stanford experience.


DAMIEN RICE – “The Blower’s Daughter” — as described by claire kim

we say – i’ll never fall again. / we say – i’m through with love. / we say – don’t ever call me again. / we say – i loathe you now. / we say – i loathe you. / – – – i still cant’ take my eyes off of you.

my eyes.


— Life never goes easy on us, no, no, no, no.


ALT-J — “Hunger of the Pine” — as described by alejandra salazar

I couldn’t decide which Alt-J song to use this week (I stubbornly insisted on an Alt-J submission, since I’ve been having a love affair with their newest album for the past few weeks) until I read up on some album reviews for background context. This is when I discovered that my favorite part from “Hunger of the Pine” was actually sampled from a Miley Cyrus single off of Bangerz–from 1:37 onwards, you can hear a remixed loop of Miley’s vocals reverberating “I’m a female rebel” across the chorus, and it is glorious.

Miley and Bangerz aside, though, this song is spectacular for a number of reasons. It is hypnotic. It is synth drone and deep, urgent vocals and chills racing up and down your spine. For these five minutes, Alt-J make time come to a halt, proving that they’re more in control of their craft than ever before.


TAYLOR SWIFT — “Shake it Off (D.A.R.E. Remix)” — as described by chase porter

Before you scroll past this song because you also have a strong dislike for Taylor Swift and her I’m-a-quirky-24-year-old-that-is-somehow-a-celeb-OMG demeanor, just listen to how much better slightly-off Taylor is than Taylor herself. Gig out.


MARY LAMBERT — “Secrets” — as described by leena yin

It sounds lighthearted, cheerful, and relaxing, but don’t let that fool you–behind the poppy major chords is an anthem for the misfits and the broken-down. And let’s face it; we’ve all been there. So as we head into the meat of the quarter, this is Lambert’s reminder to keep it real, stay strong, and get “over it.”


MAPEI — “Leader of the Pack” — as described by lindsay mewes

Mapei wastes no time on this track in letting us know who’s boss. “I got my own swing / I got my own swing / Leader of the pack / I’m gonna do my own dance,” she repeats over and over in a cool yet matter-of-fact tone. Listen and make your own judgement call—but I doubt that you’ll disagree.


ANDREA SLOBODIEN (’13) — “Dreams” — as described by doria charlson

Something about the ethereality and haunting beauty of this song screams week three. Seductive, difficult and true.


AIR — “Alone in Kyoto” — as described by jazz williams

You only need a few chords to make a point. “Alone in Kyoto” is a very simplistic song with 3 distinct parts. In a way, it can be representative of a typical school year at Stanford. The beginning, like fall quarter, starts off curious and soon transitions into the the main melody. Then, there is a drop — winter break. The melody comes back as winter quarter begins and you get back into the swing of things, but it’s a little different. There’s something smarter, more familiar. We are then teased with the sound of waves — spring break. The sound continues, but briefly, throughout the very different, more pensive and optimistic ending. We are reunited with the sound of waves at the conclusion — summer. Sure, it’s only week 3, and next summer seems a lifetime away, but the point is that this song is more than something to get you through your week 3 grind. It will (maybe?) be a staple for your seasonal playlists.


THE SHOOK TWINS — ¨Time to Swim¨ — as described by linnea rivano barros

Idahoan-turned-Portlandian Shook twins are subtly kooky and warm, emanating a hopeful nostalgia for open ranges and free-loving yesterdays. Exhibited here is a pair of talented bango pickers and golden egg shakers, telephone manipulators, surprise beat boxers, and creators of harmony tinged with the magic of genetic resonance (I’d like to think this is real). If you like/are intrigued by what you’ve heard, peek through this window to the 60s, perhaps onto Rose, the tripped out chicken.


JUNGLE — “The Heat” — as described by eugenia puglisi

Nothing lightens up my back-to-school blues up like a bit of Jungle. The first time I heard this song I was lounging in a cement booth in the beer garden of a ridiculous techno club in Berlin, and after the unrelenting, unforgiving electronic previous eight hours I had spent inside, this song provided the perfect, warm release. I’m still listening to this, well, really the whole album, on repeat since mid-August. If you’re struggling to wake up for your 11 AM like I am, blast this slice of sunshine.

On a related note, someone told me they’re two white English dudes. Who knew?


PATTI LABELLE – “New Attitude” – as described by editor bojan srb

This summer, I spent my time talking to people and writing down what they said. And when I wasn’t doing that, I fell in love with San Francisco. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of Motown still happens in the Bay – and it is wonderful. Though I may not have gotten the chance to see Ms. LaBelle visit the city by the bay – she was doing After Midnight on Broadway – I’m sure we would love each other if we ever did get to sit down for a drink. In my mind, she compliments me on my patterned shirt, reaches out to touch the fabric, after which I pee my pants a little bit. Then, we discover that we have so much in common: we both sweat profusely and we both cuss like sailors, but have to curb the latter because of the demands of our jobs. It’s glorious throughout; until I out myself as being fond of Diana Ross. She’s not a good singer, I confess, but I still love her – which prompts ya gurl Patti to throw her martini in my face and storm out to the tune of this song.


MILEY CYRUS — “Wrecking Ball (Teen Witch Fan Club Remix)” — as described by editor brittany newell

Yes, the hot button issue of Miley and her dearth of shirts seems finally to be cooling off. I used to be one of those folks on a soapbox, reviling Miss Montana for her myriad wrongs. But eventually, I caved. Don’t blame me, sir, blame the beat. I mean, this shit is chemically configured to get stuck in your head; it’s the musical equivalent to Funfetti, which none, NONE I tell you, can resist. This glitchy remix of the groundbreaking (GET IT?) “Wrecking Ball” reinstalls some of the lost spice to the Miley mythos. It doesn’t really bring to mind a naked starlet on a wrecking ball, but rather, an industrious caterpillar breaking through a wall of holographic Legos. A fresh revision, indeed.


GOWNS — “White Like Heaven” — as described by editor eric eich

IDK what drone-folk is but I like it. This track gives me a headache, but I like to listen to it when I drive. It was lovingly and creepily guitared by Erika M. Anderson, better known as Idahoan-turned-San Franciscan EMA, whose song “California” offers some solace for all of us recently arrived in the Golden State. “White Like Heaven” gives me the chills. It calls to mind some sort of hybrid between a séance and a house show, which I guess isn’t too bad because I can’t stop listening to the thing. Light a candle, put in your earbuds, and think of dead things.


FUTURE x ANDRE 3000 — “Benz Friends” — as described by editor lawrence neil

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting ready for work every morning whisper-yelling non-sequitur verses from this Future / Three Stacks manthem, or mouthing them on the subway surrounded by casually bored commuters.  I also defy you to name an Andre 3000 guest verse in the past ten years that he didn’t body with Dylan Hot FireTM.  It does not exist. (Listen to all of those, but watch the last video.  You will not regret it.  Even if it’s Ke$ha.  Shout out to Ke$ha.)  (Is “manthem” a term yet?  Good, right?  Can I coin it?  I probably shouldn’t.  Forget it.)

(Also, did you watch that video yet? What was that? Oh, yes, that is Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite rapping Andre 3k’s verse. Yes, it is.)

THAO & THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN — “Every Body” — as described by e.i.c. katharine schwab

In honor of FMOTQ this week, I present you with “Every Body” by Thao & the obnoxiously-long-band-name. The pre-chorus goes something like this: everybody has a body to love we get naked but not naked enough. Rather apt. The song itself is a little weird, full of jarring whimsy with a sassy attitude. Body painting anyone?


Photo credit: Australian Paralympic Committee

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