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(’18, undecided) makes excellent pesto and has previously experimented with the violin. Loves labrador retriever puppies and Fleetwood Mac.

HEADLINERS: your week 2 playlist

Spring is for defrosting.

YOUNG THE GIANT – “Mr. Know-It-All” – as described by chloe rickards

The lead singer of Young the Giant is a Stanford alum — it shouldn’t be too hard for Frost to rope them in, right? And, while they might not open with (or even play) “Mr. Know-It-All,” I feel like this song could have been inspired by Sameer Gadhia’s time here.

LORDE – “Green Light” – as described by siena streiber

Maybe it’s just because I’ve only been on this campus for three years, or maybe it’s my increasing inner feminist, but why in the heck haven’t I seen […] Read more…

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