katie nesser (’18, Art History, Editor-in-Chief) is a cautionary tale from Texas. She loves true crime, sweet tea, and Candy Crush Saga.

julia espero (’18, Undeclared, Multimedia Editor) is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She does not live in a casino, but might as well as she revels throughout many on toasty summer nights. She dreams in color and photographs in black and white. Her Ibuprofen is almost always chased with shots of espresso.

sophia laurenzi (’17, Psychology/STS, Performance Editor) likes spontaneous dance parties and drawers full of snacks. She’s (proudly) from New Jersey and loves California but misses the pizza.

annabel ostrow (’18, Symbolic Systems, Performance Editor) cannot find her headphones, but can start >64% of anecdotes with “so I was listening to this podcast…” She mostly enjoys even years because the Giants win the World Series, but will show up for the odd ones if there’s good coffee

anthony milki (’17, Human Biology/Creative Writing, Music Editor) is from Palo Alto and listens to a lot of Kanye.

alejandra salazar (‘17, Communication, Music Editor) is a contributor from San Antonio, TX. She believes in making playlists for every occasion and chronically overthinks everything.

loralee sepsey (’18, undecided, Literature Editor) is from Costa Mesa, California (in the OC, but not the snobby OC, she swears). Most of the time,you can find Loralee in her dorm room crying over television shows.

shimon tanaka is a Jones Lecturer in the Creative Writing Program and the faculty advisor for the Stanford Arts Review.

nikki tran (’18, Culture and Commentary Editor) is a cartwheel enthusiast from Southern California. let’s take a spin on this wild ride together.

carlos valladares (’18, Film Studies, Film and TV Editor) is a native Los Angelian who loves movies, Salinger, and 60s pop/rock/soul. He believes you haven’t experienced life until you’ve seen “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” and “The Young Girls of Rochefort” back-to-back. He also enjoys writing poetry and getting into all sorts of sitcom-y shenanigans.

alex zivkovic (’17, Art History/Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Visual Arts Editor) has escaped from Orange County and all that this former life entailed. When he’s not staring at art, he’s probably writing poetry/essays/manifestos about art. Or, ya know, mobilizing his queer agenda and thinking ’bout balkan diasporas inside his palace of books.


chuck allen (‘16) is from Kansas City, KS and likes listening to, writing about, and (soon) making music. He runs a blog at

mysia anderson (’17, African and African American Studies) is a nineteen-year old menace to society from the stomping ground of Miami, FL. She is interested in the intersection of the arts and social justice from a womanist perspective. Shes love fashion, poetry, music, and big hair. And yes– she did indeed wake up like that.

eli arbor (’15, African and African American Studies) is a rapper from Rochester NY, the greatest city in this beautiful union. Cops don’t like him and white couples cross the street when they see him. He strongly believes that the family that squats together, gets guap together, and other inspirational get money shit like that.

alec arceneaux (‘16, Undeclared) hails originally from Lafayette, Louisiana. When not gator wrestlin’ or crawfish boilin’, Alec spends his time playing and listening to music, reading, writing, and dominating at fantasy football. He writes for the Stanford Review and is a member of the local jazz ensemble Skeleton Crew.

surabhi balachander (’17, English/CSRE) is a small person from a small town in Indiana who gives surprisingly strong hugs.

justine beed  (‘17, Anthropology/Creative Writing) is a hopeless wanderer hailing from Moscow, Windhoek, Maryland, Mexico City, Asunción, Tokyo, Cairo, and now Palo Alto. She loves good movies and music. Writing and film is her thing, but dammit she can’t sing.

linnea rivano barros (‘16) is a Bay Area native…kinda. Once from Sweden and then Chile, proudly Oaklandish for the past 13 years. Down with the hip-hop and anything else that inspires shoulder swaying, booty shaking, and sometimes painful but always fruitful contemplation. 

adam bowles(‘17, Undeclared) is from southern West Virginia. He likes adventure, music, and mischief. He is currently undecided about everything. 

megan calfas (’18) enjoys writing, running, 30 Rock, philosophy, cats, and theater. She recently cried at the sight of pancakes.

paulina campos (’18, undecided) is a Bay Area native, fashion junkie, and avid collage-maker. Her favorite things include good music, ballet, and Ezra Koenig’s twitter feed.

amy chen (’18, Computer Science + Art Practice) writes things and makes things and does other things, probably. if you’re professional trash.

michael chung (‘18, Undeclared) comes from the far-off land of Cupertino, home to the world’s highest concentration of asian tiger moms outside of Asia itself. He has many obsessions, ranging from cello to coffee to wondering why American football isn’t called handegg.

gillie collins(‘15) is from New York, NY. She likes reading, walking, and snacking on pumpkin bread. At Stanford, she spends the majority of her time losing her belongings and retracing her steps. 

kelsey dayton (‘15) hails from Cotati, California and has a compulsive obsession with all things film, politics, and creative writing. Her favorite pastimes include overanalyzing screenplays while watching TV, hiking, and running illegally through other people’s property. 

elisabeth dee (’17, Anthropology) hails from the vast expanses of Utah. She wears purple lipstick to intimidate you. Her interests include writing list poems on napkins, Dvorak, geometric tattoos, and using healthy food as a means to peanut butter.

maria doerr (’17, Environmental Systems Engineering) is eager to work in just, sustainable development in the States and internationally. Maria enjoys singing, biking with her eyes closed and listening to This American Life.

renee donovan (’15, Human Biology) grew up in San Francisco. She has a complicated love affair with the MUNI.

auden ehringer’s dream job is the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s. Nuff’ said, everything else is irrelevant.

eric eich (‘16) is an overripe Georgia peach with an Internet addiction. See more at

eva epker is a sophomore, a Bostonian, and English major but also loves classes in history, art history, and feminist, sexuality, and gender studies. In her free time, she also golfs, swims, and does more writing.

julia espero (’18, Undeclared) is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She does not live in a casino, but might as well as she revels throughout many on toasty summer nights. She dreams in color and photographs in black and white. Her Ibuprofen is almost always chased with shots of espresso.

witt fetter (‘17, Art History/Art Practice) paints, composites in Photoshop and studies Art History when he’s not making art history. Look out for him at MoMA. He will be the one weeping before Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Check out his work at

jake friedler (‘15, Comparative Literature) grew up in White Suburbia, CA and is still trying to get out.  His interests include haiku poetry, long conversations, and the re-mystification of our postmodern wasteland.

clara galperin (‘17)is an Art History major from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

molly gerrity (’16, English/Psychology) is from Seattle, Washington and enjoys napping, hot tea, and the rain.

Phill Giliver (’17, Mechanical Engineering) once went through a drivethrough on a bicycle and started to panic. He called his mom and she said ‘I’m at work I can’t deal with this right now.’

beti girma (’16, Civil Engineering) is from Sacramento, CA but lived in Davis, CA for most of her life and usually claims it as her hometown. She can typically be found listening to music and daydreaming.

rachel grau (‘16, Computer Science/Spanish minor) has cracked her phone screen more times than you. Talents include folding burritos and typing really fast, and she’s never not drinking coffee. 

alexandra gray (‘16, Political Science/Chinese and Creative Writing) has spent most of her life in New Jersey, but don’t hold it against her. She enjoys traveling internationally, attending musicals, writing anything that doesn’t require MLA citations, and binge-watching shows on Netflix that literally everybody has already seen.

isaac halyard (’15, Economics) fancies himself a shooting guard, but is really more of a small forward. He has an affinity for Chicago hip-hop despite claiming both coasts, and actually growing up in Iowa.

patty kim hamilton (’16, Drama/History) is a bundle of joy that erupted out of south korea, ireland, germany, and seattle. She loves the ocean, footie pajamas,, and drinking tea out of mason jars.

ned hardy (’17, Art History) thinks almost exclusively about dogs, micheladas, and Kanye. He’s from Connecticut by way of London and wishes it would rain more here.

kate hassey (’16, Economics) hails from the great state of Ohio and is an avid explorer, baker, photographer, and consumer of bluegrass music.

Diego Hernandez (’17, Music) is a conductor and clarinetist. In his spare time, he accidentally falls asleep.

nicole himmel (’15) grew up in New York City. Her first word was “book” and her second word was “star.” She’s an English major with a passion for writing and filmmaking. She hugs Redwood trees and winks at fire.

(’15 Computer Science, Civil & Environmental Engineering — it’s complicated) is an ungulate from the thrilling commune of Palo Alto. Peter makes a wicked omelette, which is probably the most important skill to pick up at Stanford.

nishant karandikar (‘16, MCS) is from Portland, Oregon and struggles with oversleeping.  He enjoys napping on Burmese temples and highlighters.

connor kelley (‘15, Art History) joins you from the rain-drenched foothills of Duvall, Washington, where there are 3 stoplights and the smell of cow feces wafts through the summer air. He began his foray into the performing arts at age 8, and now studies architectural history and theory (primarily). He also loves avocados.

claire kim (’18, Undeclared) prefers oil-water rainbows on the ground over the ones that appear in the sky. She’s always looking for things that will hydrate her soul, like youth, dark chocolate, and eyes. She thinks she wants to take control of herself but maniacally enjoys the sensation of infinitely losing control when in love. She’s in love with people; you can always find her falling in love, wherever she is existing.

sunli kim (’15, English)’s most well-kept hobby is drinking coffee and watching people run around the lake from her room in Jerry.

liam kinney (‘16, Classics) is sort of from Aspen, CO. His to-do lists are all capitalized and he loses friends by quoting the Emperor’s New Groove. He got a guitar for Christmas.

louis lambilliotte (’15, Philosophy & Literature) feels most at ease when Putin is quiet and Chelsea are winning.  Louis is a man of simple pleasures, an aspiring Thomas Crown who remains convinced that hash-tags will one day be the death of the English language.

carly lave (‘15, American Studies / Dance Minor) is still pursuing the role of struggling artist. In her spare time she enjoys choreographing, hiking, yoga, and occasionally attempting to sit still.

george philip lebourdais(Ph.D. Candidate ABD, Art History) was the graduate student affiliate in the founding of the Arts Review. His research explores landscape and landscape architecture, environmental history, and altered states of consciousness, all of which come to bear in his dissertation on nineteenth-century photography of arctic glaciers and icebergs and the invention of the concept of “ecology” in the 1860s.

reade levinson(‘16, Earth Systems) grew up between Palo Alto and Monterey, where she learned to procrastinate by climbing rocks, reading Harry Potter, and drawing on cardboard with paint and sharpies.

matthew libby(‘17, Symbolic Systems) is from Los Angeles, California. He does theater and writes screenplays, and if you ever need someone who knows a weird amount of Academy Awards trivia, he’s your guy.

viv liu (’18, Art History/Comparative Literature) hears the beat but claps on the two. Whatever art is, you can find their attempts at it at

toamatapu lohe (’16, English/Film) is a screenwriter from the Paradise of the Pacific.

analyssa lopez (’16) made this sad world a par•a•dise. She is cultivating both her Twitter persona & her Kristen Stewart aesthetic, is a firm believer in selfies & has the same taste in music as that one guy you dated in high school.

tara mccullough (’16, Communication/Political Science) hails from middle of nowhere, Podunk Texas.  She loves improv, snuggles, ab-forming laughter, and thinks we should all dance more, preferably the country 2-step.

whitney mcintosh (’17, English/Political Science) is from Melbourne, Australia. Often tragically misunderstood because of her Aussie accent, she hopes instead to be understood in print.

liam mcsweeney (’15) is from Montpelier, VT and entirely sustains himself on maple syrup, Ben and Jerry’s, and ski wax.

lindsay mewes (‘16) grew up in san jose, ca and is definitely a breakfast person.

anthony milki (’17, Human Biology) is a Palo Altan and will stand behind anything Kanye, D’Angelo, Frank, Radiohead, Paul Thomas Anderson, Steve McQueen, Louis CK, and the Boston Celtics. Yeezy taught him well.

natasha mmonatau (’15) is a Motswana queen posting letters from the ether.

annalee monroe (’18, Undeclared) is from Scottsdale, Arizona. She likes the sun, Broadway musicals, eating craisins, and doodling. During her free time, she catches up on Friends or goes through old *NSYNC videos on YouTube.

john murray (’15, English) is addicted to cheddar cheese and Triscuits and likes to do this weird double-jointed thing with his arms a lot. He’s from Oregon. His new(ish) dog is adorable.

brittany newell (‘16) (also known as Ratty St. John) is in your walls. Her chewing sounds lull you to sleep. Keep abreast of the bastard at

quyen nguyen (‘16, Undeclared) knows where the party’s at in Hanoi, Vietnam where she was born and raised. Quyen would like to gush about modernism or french lit for a living but until she gets there, you can find her drunk with confusion in a petite Palo Alto bookstore or some obscure bar in Hanoi.

Som-Mai Nguyen (’17, Symbolic Systems) is an avid fan of hyperbolic “literally,” has feelings about literally everything. Aspiring Manic Yellow Texan Dream Girl, complete with blue ukulele.

mariah oxley (‘16, English) is from Minneapolis, “The Pittsburgh of the Midwest.”

sera park (’17, Creative Writing/Anthropology) enjoys wearing flowy tops, ordering Domino’s at late hours, and taking selfies on her friends’ phones. When she’s not writing, she’s usually bundled up in her paisley sheets with Mingi, a stuffed rabbit and homie since day one.

sasha perigo (’17, Computer Science) takes herself too seriously. She is enthusiastic about live music, problem solving and social media.

lauren motown phillips (’17, Art History/Communications) hails from the one and only Detroit, Michigan. Can most likely be found in deep red lipstick with a San Pellegrino in hand.

nicole phillips (’18, Urban Studies) started writing at the exceedingly awkward age of twelve. When not overanalyzing her writing, she enjoys spending time with friends, baking, and making loud cat noises.

(’18, undecided) is from Lebanon, NH. She loves white tigers, fine cheeses, and chicken wings.

chase porter (‘17, Undeclared) likes chocolate and Lorde.  And soccer.

eugenia puglisi (‘16) hails from the far land of upper Mayfield Avenue. She enjoys traveling internationally, writing nonfiction, and getting her friends wine drunk at family dinners. As of now, her schedule remains a perplexing potpourri of comparative literature, creative writing, and organic chemistry.

sarika reddy (’17, hopelessly undeclared) seriously has too many personalities to encompass in a few sentences. It is important to note, however, that in her nonexistent spare time she quite enjoys baltering to Beyonce, reading online articles, and obsessing over aesthetic. She sports anything from cartoon t-shirts with printed pants to Victorian blazers.

chloe rickards (’18, Bioengineering) is from a lot of places (she’s an Air Force brat). She’s a Ravenclaw who likes climbing rocks, listening to new music, and collecting useless nerdy things to put in her room.

jackson wiley roach (‘17, undeclared) is from Los Angeles. He likes board games and Wikipedia. He sometimes makes things and posts them at

marc robbins (‘16, Physics) loves music, movies and trying to feel cultured. He has attempted to watch Gone With the Wind three times.

adam schorin(‘17) is from New York, which is not in California. He enjoys watching movies and reading books, and telling other people which movies and books that have to watch and read, respectively. Adam is above average height.

rukma sen (’15, English) likes old handwriting and scary women. She has feelings about things.

jenna shapiro (’17) is from Laguna Beach, Detroit, and New York. She is a perpetual coffee drinker, craftsy tinkerer, cardigan wearer, part-time kazoo player, Stephen Covey junkie, folkadelic funk rockie, a writer and delighter.

cissy (xixi) shi (’18) is from Long Island, New York. She enjoys arts in NYC, fashion, polaroids, and green tea. She is a dancer, choreographer, and aerialist.

raquel orendain shrestha (’17, STS/Film & Media Studies/TAPS) is a filmmaker. She enjoys both making and watching films, and likes all the various aspects of production, but is mainly obsessed with light and cinematography. Raquel is from various places, but mostly Philadelphia and McAllen.

cayman simpson (’16, MCS/Sociology) likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Not much into yoga, but he thinks he’s got half a brain. He also likes making love at midnight, preferably at the dunes of the cape. And if you think you’re the love that he’s looking for, write to him and escape.

(’16, American Studies) is from Los Angeles and probably has more nicknames than you. She enjoys theatre-y things, cats, and her ukulele.

katie straub (‘14, English) hails from the suburbs of Chicago, where she learned, among other things, how to attend public school and enjoy white bread. When she is not organizing or promoting student art on campus, she’s probably performing in a play or singing in the shower.

siena streiber (’18, undecided) makes excellent pesto and has previously experimented with the violin. Loves labrador retriever puppies and Fleetwood Mac.

dylan sweetwood (’15, English) is a proud SLE veteran who is still reconciling his taste for highbrow literature with his love for lowbrow reality television. He is the exact same age as Miley Cyrus and that is not where the similarities end.

alex tamkin (’18, Computer Science) is a lover of bites, bytes, and wordplay.

tori testa (’18, Undeclared) was born and raised in New York City where she developed a love for art, writing, and pizza. She enjoys short walks on the beach (because walking on sand is tiring and surfing is more fun anyway), has a penchant for opera, and is almost never seen without a smile on her face and a mug of tea in her hand.

brian tich (’15) is from Elegant City, Maryland. He studies Russian lit and edits a magazine that is not the Stanford Arts Review. 

nora tjossem (’15, English) made her way onto the arts scene with one foot rooted firmly in the early 2000s music scene and the other in Shakespeare of all shapes and sizes, paired with a stiff upper lip, a tough cookie attitude, and an unquenchable excitement about nature.

makshya tolbert (‘15, American Studies) likes food, music, exercise and poetry.

hanna tyson (‘17) is a contributing writer from Austin, Texas who enjoys live music, good theatre, and old films. In her spare time, she likes to act and pretend she is way better at fiddle than she actually is. She is currently nursing a joint addiction to Atmosphere and Kurt Vonnegut.

marie vachovsky(‘17) approaches life through a 90’s glam-cowboy aesthetic. She likes painting hands and androgynous people. Some of her favorite pastimes include dogs and burritos.

tina vachovsky(‘17) identifies with the planet Pluto and never knows what her art means. She is still coming to terms with the fact that she shares her name with the llama from Napoleon Dynamite.

jessica waldman (’15) is that short brunette who walks around campus talking to herself.  Really, she’s just running lines or practicing a monologue.  A hint from the wise: talk Shakespeare to her. 

stephanie wang (’17, Undeclared) is a local Californian and is a hedonistic lover of fine art, live music, and boba tea.

jazzmin williams (‘17, human biology) is from the lovely Stockton, California. she enjoys exploring cool places in the bay area, going to concerts, and playing guitar, piano, and trumpet (albeit, terribly).

serena wong (’18, undeclared) loves boardgames (real games, not apps) and singing despite having a less-than-stellar voice. She’s a (southern) California girl born and raised, and she has a newly-discovered appreciation of horchata.

madelyne xiao (’18) hails from Frederick, Maryland. She likes words, particularly those of Zadie Smith, Junot Diaz, and Arthur Rimbaud.

yan yan (’18, undeclared) is so happy to be here.

leena yin (’17; undecided; majoring in extracurriculars) is from Fremont, California. When she’s not panicking about her future or burning her tongue on hot tea, she’s singing everywhere. Literally everywhere.

katie zingheim (’16 political science) likes talking about feelings, singing loudly, and having big brothers. She still believes she would’ve been a French existentialist if only she hadn’t been born a suburban California millennial. You can find her pretending her life is a Katharine Hepburn movie.


alex bayer (’15, English, Studio Art) likes dry British humor and shops in the kids’ section of Target for Hello Kitty merchandise. she can be found wishing she were anywhere, just anywhere, else.

cecily foote (’16, product design) loves drawing and vegetables very much. She’s from Austin, she used to have a rabbit named Sinbad, and she’s learning Korean. Cecily defaults to folded, in various configurations.

anika nagpal (’18 art practice and HumBio) spends her free time drinking tea and searching for good music. Sometimes she makes art. Check out more at

maia paroginog (’16, Art practice) flew south from the mud-soaked wilderness of the Pacific Northwest and loves carnations and tattered fabric and raw fish. More here:,


bojan srb (‘16, English) ’15-’16.

Katharine Schwab (’15, English) ’14-’15.

Lawrence Neil (’14, History / Creative Writing) ’13-’14.

Tyler Doyle (’13, English / Creative Writing) — ‘12-‘13.

Stav Ziv (’11, History / Dance minor) — ‘11-‘12.

Ollie Khakwani — ’10-’11.