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(‘17, Art History/Art Practice) paints, composites in Photoshop and studies Art History when he's not making art history. Look out for him at MoMA. He will be the one weeping before Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Check out his work at

Getting Dirty with Deresiewicz: On being an ‘Excellent Sheep’

Stanford students, disillusioned and otherwise, may find it difficult to read William Deresiewicz’s “Excellent Sheep,” a thorough take-down of the kind of education we have all opted into. Deresiewicz will call you an entitled little shit (and you most likely will deserve it), but he will also force you to engage in a critical re-evaluation of education’s role in your development. Read more…


That Week Between Mother’s Day and Exotic Erotic: your week seven playlist

Your friendly reminder that you’ve got a month to prepare for Father’s Day now. Just make sure that the gift you get him isn’t too much better than the $5 picture of yourself you were guilted into getting by those moms near the Bookstore. We’re sure she loved that, though, it was very sweet and from the heart.

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rainy day

April Showers on Hoover Tower: your week five playlist

So much for a “dry” weekend, am I right? Now that you’re done lying to pro-fros about how happy you are and being over-saturated with a cappella performances, you can finally return to the Stanford experience, like lying to yourself about how happy you are and being over-saturated with a cappella performances.

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It’s Called Dead Week but We’re Staying Alive: your week ten playlist

At other universities, Dead Week is a time removed from scheduled classes during which students are encouraged to study and review their class material in preparation for a week of final exams.

Stanford’s official response to this widely practiced reading period: “lol go 2 class foolz.”

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