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('16, Civil Engineering) is from Sacramento, CA but lived in Davis, CA for most of her life and usually claims it as her hometown. She can typically be found listening to music and daydreaming.

no speak americano: YOUR WEEK NINE PLAYLIST

K rap, V pop, New York Salsa, les DJs francais, Latino heartthrobs, Japanese samba — just taste of our smorgasbord of music from beyond Anglophonia. Read more…



We asked our contributors to hit us with their favorite coffee break music, and we got a full menu: some roasted and some raw, some dark and some light, some sweet and some bitter. Musica baristas, at your service. We’ll try extra hard to get your name right on the cup. Read more…

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fda-unapproved: YOUR WEEK SIX PLAYLIST

There’s only one cure for the heavily contagious Week Six Soul Sucking Blues, and it’s been in front of our faces the whole time, people: you just gotta get an extra lil’ dose of soul in your veins.

StAR is happy to provide the necessary supplements. Read more…

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giving you the runaroundabout : YOUR WEEK FOUR PLAYLIST

There is now a traffic circle at Escondido and Campus Drive.

This is going to be a disaster. Read more…