Ragtime as Resistance

The strength of these performances in particular allowed Ragtime’s message, a pushback against apathy and silence, and condemnation of the oppression and fracturing that results from imposed social categories and hierarchies, to shine through nuanced portrayals of a multitude of American realities. Read more…


To See Ourselves Correctly TAPS' Production of The Laramie Project

In the same way that you as the audience must see, through the graphic descriptions of Matthew’s injuries, his brutal victimization, you must also see McKinney as a human with a face and a young child. You must see the old teachers who will not desert Henderson, the pastor who wants to save McKinney’s soul but not his body from the electric chair, the student actor who can never quite “agree” with homosexuality, the doctors and detectives and students who break down and lose friends when everything they thought they knew about their town and themselves shatters.  Read more…

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