A sneak peek into the writing and art that has shaped our sensibilities.


Jon Franklin, “Mrs. Kelly’s Monster”The heartbreaking, riveting, Pulitzer Prize-winning story of a neurosurgeon’s exorcism of a “monster” from his patient’s brain.

Allen Ginsberg reads “Howl”Chills.

Zadie Smith’s “Man vs. Corpse”Death is what happens to everyone else.

“How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found” by Fin KennedyA play based off a self help book that details how to lose your old identity and start a new one. Also includes: a nasty cocaine habit and the New York subway system’s lost-and-found.

“Sweet Smell of Success” by Ernest Lehman and Clifford OdetsA strong contender for the greatest screenplay ever written. Blistering film noir from 1957 with dialogue that simply explodes off the page.

Roger Ebert on “The Tree of Life”A movie he loved.

Roger Ebert on “North”A movie he hated.

A scene from “The West Wing”“Schubert was crazy, y’know? … Do you think you have to be crazy to create something powerful?”

OthelloShakespeare was a pretty good writer.

Lester Bangs on “Astral Weeks”The most famous rock review ever?

Action Bronson myspace interview“You know how I come up with raps?  I look through the Skymall magazine, then I do drugs and just think of crazy things.”

Justin Torres reads from ‘We The Animals’Former Stegner Fellow reads the first chapter of the book that made him famous.

Denis Johnson – “Car Crash While Hitchhiking”drugs x lit

Miles Davis — “Bitches Brew”do not be scared run the voodoo down

Walter Benjamin – “Protocols to the Experiments on Hashish 1927-1934”the philosopher stoned

Langston Hughes – “Suicide’s Note”Three lines, twelve words.

Glengarry Bob Ross (maybe only funny if you know who Bob Ross was and have seen the movie Glengarry Glen Ross): What am I painting? Fuck you, that’s what I’m painting. You know why, mister? You drive to the store to get your paint supplies in a Hyundai, I drive an $80,000 BMW. That’s what I’m painting.