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('18, Undeclared, Multimedia Editor) is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She does not live in a casino, but might as well as she revels throughout many on toasty summer nights. She dreams in color and photographs in black and white. Her Ibuprofen is almost always chased with shots of espresso.
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fda-unapproved: YOUR WEEK SIX PLAYLIST

There’s only one cure for the heavily contagious Week Six Soul Sucking Blues, and it’s been in front of our faces the whole time, people: you just gotta get an extra lil’ dose of soul in your veins.

StAR is happy to provide the necessary supplements. Read more…

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i’m just tryna live: YOUR WEEK FIVE PLAYLIST

California Voter Registration closes today. Shout out to contributor Libby Scholz for the reminder and the message collab from Lil’ Jon and Lena Dunham (what?). I would have loved to have been in that pitch meeting. Read more…

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giving you the runaroundabout : YOUR WEEK FOUR PLAYLIST

There is now a traffic circle at Escondido and Campus Drive.

This is going to be a disaster. Read more…

week 3 playlist


Stanford Dining seems to be playing a game of “Deal or No Deal” with the student body as it says, “Sure, we’ll extend dinner and late night hours…but only if we can serve Chocolate Chicken and Teriyaki Dogs.” Read more…

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