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(’16, Communication/Political Science) hails from middle of nowhere, Podunk Texas. She loves improv, snuggles, ab-forming laughter, and thinks we should all dance more, preferably the country 2-step.

SOUTHERN TWANG: your week 5 playlist

Songs with a little bit of Southern.

UNCLE TUPELO – “Wait Up” – as described by nick burns

This song is about the twangiest thing you can get that is still somewhat recognizable as rock music. Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy’s earlier work under the moniker Uncle Tupelo started as an experiment in trying to get staid St. Louis audiences to listen to hardcore punk by disguising it with blues rock and rockabilly. In many ways Tweedy’s project has stayed the same: how far can I push my music, experiment with noise and texture, without destroying the folk-rock substrate on which everything rests? […] Read more…


no speak americano: YOUR WEEK NINE PLAYLIST

K rap, V pop, New York Salsa, les DJs francais, Latino heartthrobs, Japanese samba — just taste of our smorgasbord of music from beyond Anglophonia. Read more…



Whether you have back to backs on back to back days, or you’re one of those people that everyone hates who ‘only had paper-based finals due last week,’ it’s always good to re-up on some new jams in mid-December. To pump it up or kick back, find a tasty pick harvested by Stanford’s finest below. Read more…


pooling resources: YOUR WEEK NINE PLAYLIST

Pools. Glistening, blue depths you pretended to be brave about at age five; the five-buck-bet on who’ll win March Madness; the glorious clacking sound of heavy balls hitting each other on a soft green landscape. Or, Tuesdays in the Pool Room. We’re hosting tomorrow. Come out to Kairos at 9pm. Read more…

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