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(‘15, Art History) joins you from the rain-drenched foothills of Duvall, Washington, where there are 3 stoplights and the smell of cow feces wafts through the summer air. He began his foray into the performing arts at age 8, and now studies architectural history and theory (primarily). He also loves avocados.

pooling resources: YOUR WEEK NINE PLAYLIST

Pools. Glistening, blue depths you pretended to be brave about at age five; the five-buck-bet on who’ll win March Madness; the glorious clacking sound of heavy balls hitting each other on a soft green landscape. Or, Tuesdays in the Pool Room. We’re hosting tomorrow. Come out to Kairos at 9pm. Read more…

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fda-unapproved: YOUR WEEK SIX PLAYLIST

There’s only one cure for the heavily contagious Week Six Soul Sucking Blues, and it’s been in front of our faces the whole time, people: you just gotta get an extra lil’ dose of soul in your veins.

StAR is happy to provide the necessary supplements. Read more…

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giving you the runaroundabout : YOUR WEEK FOUR PLAYLIST

There is now a traffic circle at Escondido and Campus Drive.

This is going to be a disaster. Read more…

week 3 playlist


Stanford Dining seems to be playing a game of “Deal or No Deal” with the student body as it says, “Sure, we’ll extend dinner and late night hours…but only if we can serve Chocolate Chicken and Teriyaki Dogs.” Read more…

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Jams, Jellies and Marmalades: Your Mid Summer Playlist

It’s early August.  You still have a month and a half of summer, and all your friends are leaving you to go back to college.  Here’s a lil’ splash of dopeness to keep you soaking in that summer goodness.  Dive in.

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M’aidez, M’aidez: your week six playlist

Today is Cinco de mayo. And it’s important to keep in mind the true meaning of the holiday. It’s not, as every frat in America might think, just St. Patrick’s Day with sombreros and tequila instead of four-leaf clovers and whiskey. No, it represents something far more sacrosanct, something we should all remember today: kicking France’s ass in war!! Woo! Go Ameri… I mean, Mexico!

[This message approved by StAR’s resident Frenchman.]

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