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(‘17) is a contributing writer from Austin, Texas who enjoys live music, good theatre, and old films. In her spare time, she likes to act and pretend she is way better at fiddle than she actually is. She is currently nursing a joint addiction to Atmosphere and Kurt Vonnegut.

Throwback Thursday: The Ghost of Valentine’s Past

Oh man. Oh geez. It’s Valentine’s Eve. Either you forgot to get a significant other or you forgot to get something for your significant other. Plus midterms, and that bomb scare. It’s been a rough week. Uncork some wine, buy some overpriced chocolates, and listen/watch/read what a bunch of old dudes have said about love and other Hallmark’s card bullshit.

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Shout Out to Richard Sherman’s PWR Teacher: your week three playlist

Three day weekend left you weakened? Now is not the winter quarter of your discontent. If you’re feeling down, start bumping these tracks, even if you’re in Green Library. People will appreciate your verve.

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It’s Called Dead Week but We’re Staying Alive: your week ten playlist

At other universities, Dead Week is a time removed from scheduled classes during which students are encouraged to study and review their class material in preparation for a week of final exams.

Stanford’s official response to this widely practiced reading period: “lol go 2 class foolz.”

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Columbirth, Indeed Acoustic Jukebox #1

Approaching the Stanford Co-Op Columbae, I noticed two things.  The first was that the red brick steps had been laced with Christmas lights, and opposite them sat plush couches and armchairs that had been moved outside for Acoustic Jukebox.  Their aesthetic ease matched the vibe of the night.  The second thing I noticed was that the ‘A E’ in Columbae’s house sign had been taped over and in its place was a homemade Sharpie and printer paper sign that said “I R T H.” 

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