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(‘15, American Studies / Dance Minor) is still pursuing the role of struggling artist. In her spare time she enjoys choreographing, hiking, yoga, and occasionally attempting to sit still.

Proof-ing Mental Illness

Curtailing off Stanford Theatre Lab’s production of Next to Normal last spring, the risk-taking theatre group continues to scratch away at the hush-hush topic of mental disorders by situating this production during the darkest hour of the quarter – Weeks 7 and 8. Read more…


Shout Out to Richard Sherman’s PWR Teacher: your week three playlist

Three day weekend left you weakened? Now is not the winter quarter of your discontent. If you’re feeling down, start bumping these tracks, even if you’re in Green Library. People will appreciate your verve.

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art behind bars

Stealing Between Operating Rooms and Dimly Lit Hallways: A Review of ‘Alcatraz: Art Behind Bars’

“Do NOT look at me! Do NOT look at each other! Do NOT look down!”

The captain of the Alcatraz vessel screamed at us while boarding the makeshift ferry. Stumbling inside in our assigned prison blocks, we were commanded to load either upper or lower deck with the crew. Around the cabin, inmates played dice and spit out racial slurs only comprehendible in 1930’s convict slang.

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Scrambling to Get Red Zone Points: your week nine playlist

Still hungover after drowning your football-induced sorrows? Kick back and enjoy one last week of not having to deal with your crazy family with our homemade, fresh-out-the-oven playlist. Don’t even think about all those deadlines coming up.

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“I Don’t Believe in Outer Space”—Do you?

Lights fade in the Haus der Berliner Festspiele theatre as music creeps in bearing a strange resemblance to the Twilight Zone. Scattered on the stage are dozens of silver metallic balls. Five dancers of the William Forsythe Company are mixed within these odd meteorite-esque props and immediately capture my attention with their provocative denial of the fourth wall.

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