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('18, undeclared) is so happy to be here.

A happy-go-lucky sit down with singer-songwriter Kina Grannis

Listening to the music of singer/songwriter Kina Grannis is like sitting down with a friend as she strums her guitar alongside a daydream. Her music is honest and unfiltered, yet dreamy and romantic. While her no-frills, acoustic soundscape makes for easy listening, you’ll often find the lyrics sticking with you, popping up every now and then to brighten your day. Read more…

The Anderson Collection, Standford University

iPads and Eyes: Scribbles 001-003 from the Anderson Collection

Modern and contemporary art sometimes seems built to destroy the confidence that learning can build: to leave you totally clueless, to annihilate the verve placed by a particularly arresting lecture, feeling like a new man while silently sounding out the syllables in “phe-nom-en-on-o-lo-gy.” Art puts you back at square one. Or, in this case, perhaps cube one. Read more…