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(’18, Symbolic Systems, Performance Editor) cannot find her headphones, but can start >64% of anecdotes with “so I was listening to this podcast…” She mostly enjoys even years because the Giants win the World Series, but will show up for the odd ones if there’s good coffee.
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Pipes: Episode 9 "Poor Child" from the Ram's Head Theatrical Society production of The Wild Party

The Stanford Arts Review presents “Pipes,” where we bring you a miniseries of Stanford musicians in the most unlikely of places — the bathroom. The john’s daily significance in our lives can only be rivaled by its acoustic favorability, and we find it an ideal stage for shower-singers and masterful musicians alike.

~from the artist~

Come see The Wild Party April 14, 15, 20, 21 & 22 in Memorial Auditorium! Tickets @

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BJD45W Five High School students at school.

HIGH SCHOOL THROWBACKS: your week 3 playlist

Throwback to 4 years ago.

CALVIN HARRIS – “Feel So Close” – as described by kevin garcia

Though I haven’t engaged with much of his work outside of his fresh Top 40 singles, Calvin Harris released this #banger just a few weeks before the start of my senior year of high school and, out of its sheer ubiquity, I probably sat through this song hundreds of times during that 10 month stretch of time.

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS – “Cry for Judas” – as described by nick burns

Much of the music that came out in 2012–2013 now sounds dated to me, and Transcendental Youth is not the […] Read more…

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