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(‘16, Undeclared) knows where the party’s at in Hanoi, Vietnam where she was born and raised. Quyen would like to gush about modernism or french lit for a living but until she gets there, you can find her drunk with confusion in a petite Palo Alto bookstore or some obscure bar in Hanoi.

no speak americano: YOUR WEEK NINE PLAYLIST

K rap, V pop, New York Salsa, les DJs francais, Latino heartthrobs, Japanese samba — just taste of our smorgasbord of music from beyond Anglophonia. Read more…


In a Holidaze: your winter break playlist

Break.  Nice.  Finally. In a familiar bed at home or an unfamiliar one on the road, east coast or west coast, Midwest or down south, overseas or outer space, snow flakes or sun shine — these tunes are sure to soothe the mind and feed the soul.

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Giving Thanks to the 48th State: your fall break playlist

You did it, guys! You made it to break. Go and gorge yourself, you’ve earned it. Try to ignore that nagging feeling that pervades your life, filling you with a sense of dread that there’s work to do, essays to write, finals to study for. Kick back and jam out.

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F*ck the Toxic Fumes: your week eight playlist

Bring it on, Week 8.  Bring it on.

Welcome to the Arts Review’s first weekly playlist, a collection of the diverse jams that have been populating the earbuds of our writers as we bask in a win against Oregon, reflect on experimental campus theater, and try to stay indoors to avoid toxic fumes alarmingly close to campus.  Stay alive.  Bump these tunes.

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