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(‘14, English) hails from the suburbs of Chicago, where she learned, among other things, how to attend public school and enjoy white bread. When she is not organizing or promoting student art on campus, she’s probably performing in a play or singing in the shower.
les mis

Taming the Beast: A Review of ‘Les Miserables’

Les Misérables is the show every now-college-aged musical theater geek saw when they were ten years old, memorized, and has since been singing in the shower. When Ram’s Head asked the Stanford student body if “they hear the people sing” and opened auditions early last quarter, every closeted showgirl and -guy at Stanford felt at least some pull to come out of the woodwork (or that steaming shower stall) for a chance to sing legendary music and play legendary roles.

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Scrambling to Get Red Zone Points: your week nine playlist

Still hungover after drowning your football-induced sorrows? Kick back and enjoy one last week of not having to deal with your crazy family with our homemade, fresh-out-the-oven playlist. Don’t even think about all those deadlines coming up.

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diary 3

Tech Week Diary of a Stage Manager: Entry #3

There comes a time in the course of every theatrical production’s rehearsal process where the focus shifts. Actors’ lines are learned and their characters have been developed.  Movements have been choreographed.  Scenery is built and lights are focused.  Costumes are fit and music is composed. Cue the proverbial dusting off of hands, the satisfied sighs. Show-ready, I used to think.

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