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(‘16, Political Science/Chinese & Creative Writing) has spent most of her life in New Jersey, but don’t hold it against her. She enjoys traveling internationally, attending musicals, writing anything that doesn’t require MLA citations, and binge-watching shows on Netflix that everybody else has already seen.


Whether you have back to backs on back to back days, or you’re one of those people that everyone hates who ‘only had paper-based finals due last week,’ it’s always good to re-up on some new jams in mid-December. To pump it up or kick back, find a tasty pick harvested by Stanford’s finest below. Read more…

higher ed

Shirtless Yurts and Holistic Hookups: on ‘Higher Education,’ the webseries

Close-up on a girl sobbing about her rejection from the prestigious California University of Palo Alto (CUPA). But Quinn (Jackie Emerson, ’17) doesn’t let a mere letter stop her dreams of academic success and promoting her Tumblr dedicated to cats struggling with foreclosure. She fakes an acceptance and embarks on her adventure as an impostor freshman at CUPA, and we are thus introduced to a slew of students who serve as tour guides at the university.

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