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('18, Art History, Editor-in-Chief) is a cautionary tale from Texas. She loves true crime, sweet tea, and Candy Crush Saga.


Whether you have back to backs on back to back days, or you’re one of those people that everyone hates who ‘only had paper-based finals due last week,’ it’s always good to re-up on some new jams in mid-December. To pump it up or kick back, find a tasty pick harvested by Stanford’s finest below. Read more…


The Triumphant Subversion of ‘Good’ in ‘The Good Wife’

The Good Wife is not interested in presenting Alicia Florrick as a perfect feminist icon, and it’s all the more empowering for its realistic portrayal of a flawed character. The show nearly always casts her in an at least marginally flattering moral light, but it also reflects the difficult choices and sacrifices anyone must make in order to climb the ranks of a major Chicago law firm.  Read more…

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i’m just tryna live: YOUR WEEK FIVE PLAYLIST

California Voter Registration closes today. Shout out to contributor Libby Scholz for the reminder and the message collab from Lil’ Jon and Lena Dunham (what?). I would have loved to have been in that pitch meeting. Read more…

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