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('17, Human Biology/Creative Writing) is from Palo Alto and listens to a lot of Kanye.

DUETS: your week 2 playlist

The best 1-2 punches.

TOM JOBIM & ELIS REGINA – “Águas de Março” – as described by nick burns

It’s the most pure and otherworldly of all the bossa nova standards, the catchiest (“Girl from Ipanema” notwithstanding) and the most happily inscrutable, seeming to exist—not unlike Dylan’s “Mr Tambourine Man”—outside the boundaries of genre, mood, lyrical convention or meaning: is it a sad song? a happy one? Elis and Tom are certainly cute, playing cat and mouse with the mic, but the words and the notes mix melancholy and joy: the titular rains of March, Regina sings, […] Read more…

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