THE SKY IS FALLING: your week 4 playlist


Songs for a wet day.

ANDERSON .PAAK – “The Bird” – as described by elisabeth dee

This just relaxes me and makes me feel cozy.

N D O U M B E – “Renewals” – as described by teddy morris-knower

I wish it rained more in california. 

I wish i had more time to sit at a table and watch the water patter against the window pane while I listen to a 47 minute long set by the most talented Elijah Ndoumbé.

Ya know one of those sets where you have to bother the DJ for the set list after realizing that you’re googling the lyrics to every single song you don’t know?

I guess i’ll just take today.

The rain is slowing and the sun is coming out, but the set is still going strong.

As Eli said in their description of the set:

sit back, relax, cook, work… put this mix on and ~vibe~

Journey thru

SOLANGE – “Mad” – as described by alex cheng

Plink, plink, plink, go the keys, a little bit like light rain with sun through the clouds. The off-kilter stutter-step of the drums and bass, the delirium of refreshment. Solange sings high and light like the mist. And, inexplicably, there’s a joyful Lil Wayne, sounding better than he has in a long time, free and open. Nothing speaks more to redemption and the cyclical nature of life than a good Lil Wayne verse in 2016 (Solange is a miracle worker.) They’ve got a right to be mad – it won’t stop raining on them.

CAETANO VELOSO – “Carolina” – as described by ena alvarado

Did anyone else’s Catholic grandparents explain rain away by proclaiming it was only God crying? I hold my grandma responsible for making me now always (always!) associate water droplets with tears, and consequently, wet days with melancholy. I can think of no better musical exemplar of saudade, that unexplainable, deep feeling of longing and sadness no one understands, than master Veloso himself. Listening to “Carolina” feels like waking to the sound of rain.

GO COZY – “Lost at Shine” – as described by emily zhang

I don’t care if this is shoegaze!! It makes everything slow motion and peacefully melancholy. It’s like a small animal that burrows out a hole for you to sit in and think. It’s manageably whack. I listened to this on metro rides back from DC when the rain formed a sort of film over everything and I still don’t know any of the lyrics.

THE CLIENTELE – “Rain” – as described by katie lan

The Clientele is exactly the kind of music you need during a a lazy, rainy day. The hazy opening chords go perfectly with the sounds of the drips and drops of the rain and Alasdair’s vocals will serenade you into a sweet lull. Back in the day, this would be the soundtrack to my rainy day drives and cozy study sessions!

3LAU – “Is It Love” – as described by arvind “vince” ranganathan

Simultaneously groovy, catchy, and nostalgic, this is a blend of a variety of powerful emotions and unique characteristics. Rarely does a pulsing bass match with an echoey lead voice, and even less often disco-esque percussion with atmospheric strings. It seems like an odd mix. But everything about it just works.

KAT EDMONSON – “Rainy Day Woman” – as described by eric wang

Imagine listening to an old phonograph in your cozy, well-heated room as the guitar and drums intermingle with the pattering drops on your window and as Kat Edmonson’s delicate wooden voice wraps around you like a blanket, except now the phonograph is your broken Motorola phone and there’s no warm room and you forgot to check the weather forecast and all you want is to get back to your dorm from the opposite side of campus without getting your laptop soaked.

The best part about the rain is being away from it, ja feel?

CHLOE X HALLE – “Fall” — as described by nikki tran

This track from sister act Chloe x Halle always puts me into a sleepy, languid lull, which is exactly how I feel when it pours.

THE WEATHER GIRLS – “It’s Raining Men” – a great classic to turn any wet day into a good wet day

It’s cheesy. It’s divine. It’s perfect for days in need of sunshine. Rainwater pools on your bike seat. Your shoes squelch pathetically as you walk. You are soaking wet everywhere except where it matters, but then you hear it: a sign from above, a song about happier times, when thirst-quenching showers rained down from the heavens. Hallelujah.

AMY WINEHOUSE – “What It Is” – as described by tess michaelson

Really somber and voluptuous sound as per usual with Amy. Feels dusky. And then there are these moments of total clarity, little mini revelations while the beauty of her voice stuns the gruffness of her sadness. Feels like something you want to listen to in a warm bed when you are feeling quiet and a little tired by the world.

BUN-B – “Get Throwed” – as described by muzz shittu

I grew up on houston rap so when the days get cold i play this to keep me warm (bc it lit). also the 2006-era low-budget rap music video aesthetic reminds me of times when things were a little simpler.

BILAL feat. MOS DEF & COMMON – “Reminisce” as described by anthony milki

Anything soulful and jazzy feels right to me when it’s pouring, and J Dilla produced “Reminisce.”  Bilal keeps me productive on these sorts of days.

BATHS – “❤️ ” – as described by katie nesser

Even after several rounds through the washing machine, my favorite blanket still hasn’t recovered since I took it on my house’s camping trip. Luckily, Baths (aka Will Weisenfeld, aka my favorite musician on twitter) makes music almost as warm and fuzzy as my blanket at its prime.

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