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('17, Psychology, Performance Editor) likes spontaneous dance parties and drawers full of snacks. She's (proudly) from New Jersey and loves California but misses the pizza.

Not On HBO Anymore: Sex And Starz’s ‘Outlander’

As the Outlander fans among us sit back (read: jump up screaming in fury), relax (pace anxiously) and prepare to wait out (incessantly mull over) this 6-month mid-season break between episode 8 and episode 9, we must take solace in what the first half of Outlander’s debut season left behind–politics, war, blood, magic, romance, and most of all, sex. Read more…

Pippin 2__418 Sasha Allen as Leading Player and the cast of the National Tour of PIPPIN. Credit Terry Shapiro

‘Pippin’ brings circus to the Golden Gate Theater

Slinky hat and cane Fosse dances to songs about gore and death, a time-stopping back-flip through a hula hoop, and the impossibility for any character to remain dead are all part of the magic, the colored lights, the circus tent, the fantastic spectacle. Nevertheless, the show’s second pulse, the display of the ordinary as extraordinary and vice versa gives it an emotional life. Read more…

kishi bashi

Kishi Bashi Brings Joy to the World

In the scientific community, the theory of chaos as a lens for studying the world says that variability, static, and noise are not exceptions to the steady state—they are the state of the world. In our culture, noise is all that is not music. There is a separation between what is structured and beautiful and downloaded, and what is distracting and plain and blocked out.

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An Open Love Letter to Annie Clark

Everyone has a crush on Annie.

Anxiously anticipating the encore of her March 22 concert, the audience rattled the floors of Fox Theater in Oakland with chants of “Annie! Annie! Annie!” A newcomer to her music would never guess that the snowy-haired, electric-guitar-playing space princess known as St. Vincent was the stage name of the reserved, down-to-earth Annie Clark, but this was an audience that called her name like she was a familiar friend.

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