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(‘16, Physics) loves music, movies and trying to feel cultured. He has attempted to watch Gone With the Wind three times.

‘Interstellar’ is visceral but imperfect

Director Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated space-adventure film Interstellar has been generating hype for more than a year, and has succeeded in polarizing audiences with its combination of raw ambition, dazzling successes, and glaring failures. The combination makes for visceral–if imperfect–cinema. Read more…


Bust-Out: Phish at the Billy Graham

During “Birds of a Feather,” my friend pointed out the silhouette of a Moses-looking man dancing in the upper-deck doorway. There was something ritualistic about his groove, like he was a shaman trying to conjure the spirits of the Phishheads below him. No doubt he’s been dancing like this at shows since Lake Lag had water and the Grateful Dead were at Frost. Read more…