StAR Artists-in-Residence Check Out Lake Lag





You might have heard
There’s no water
It’s like part of the hill
was weak, and sank under the weight of reeds
what live in crowds, and grow
spines, to keep out the neighbors
And the time is kept in frog­croaks
a million to the hour
The lizards ricochet from reed to reed
whenever a dog’s bark resets the clock

There’s a house on the top
of the hill, big and
shiny, it looks like it became
a planter for its own palm tree
The porch lights harmonize silently
with the fireflies in summer
But they keep many clocks in that house
and do not live by frog­time


Illustration by Alex Bayer, Poem by Ava Lindstrom. They are serving, respectively, as the Stanford Arts Review’s Artist-in-Residence and Poet-in-Residence for the Winter Quarter. 

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