How did Dora die? TikTok Video leaves people shocked

Dora has been a part of everyone’s childhood. We can not imagine our childhood without Dora the explorer in it. Recently, a piece of news broke that our beloved Dora has died. How did Dora die? Is it true that Dora has died? Is Dora still alive?

We will answer all your curious questions. To know the answers, read furthermore.

Dora the explorer was introduced to the world, or rather Dora the explorer first hit the screen on August 14, 2000. Dora has been charming every household since then. The show aired on Nickelodeon for 19 consecutive years till August 9, 2019.

The news of the death of Dora began from TikTok where many subscribers stated Dora’s death. The answers are undoubtedly shocking.

How did Dora die
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How did Dora die?

Ever since the news was heard on TikTok, search engines exploded with questions stating how did Dora die? What happened to Dora?

Surprisingly, every website tells a new theory about ‘How did Dora die’? Apparently, the most common is that she drowned and died. Although, there have been hundreds of speculations ever since.

Honestly, every new theory surprises the readers equally.

Different theories on how did Dora die?

Ever since the heartbreaking news spread, simultaneously its cause also started floating. As stated earlier, there are many theories about ‘how did Dora die’. Here are a few listed below:

  • Some fans speculate that Dora died drowning in water
  • A group of Dora’s fans claim that she was murdered
  • Another theory suggests that she was suffering from severe kidney disease. She was treated for the same but couldn’t make it to the end and died
  • Also, there are speculations about Dora being alive
  • A weird theory suggests that monkey and Boots pushed Dora into a river and she died of drowning
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All these weird theories and speculations end with our disclosure.

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What happened to Dora?

TikTok has been really weird off late. Every now and then subscriber come up with a new challenge.

Wondering, why are we mentioning challenges here and not telling how did Dora die?

Well, this was one of those weird challenges that float across TikTok.

In this challenge, the subscriber is asked to film a video before and after searching ‘What happened to Dora’. Honestly, amidst such baseless theories, no facts reflect anywhere.

Neither the TV series nor the movie suggests such a dreadful ending for a five-year-old character. It’s not even suitable for the viewers to watch something tragic like this at a tender age.

What happened in the TV series and the movie?

The last episode of Dora the explorer aired on Nickelodeon on August 9, 2019. The last episode showcased Dora and her friends going to her school with musical instruments.

Whereas, the movie based on the series also has a happy ending.

In the movie, Dora successfully reaches the destination she was looking for. She is helped by her magical backpack and friend, Boots. They are even seen singing their famous song ‘We did it’ in the end. Dora and her team even thank the viewers in the end for watching them.

Obviously, no cartoon character can be shown such horrifying death.

Interesting facts about Dora the explorer

Now that you are relieved about Dora’s well-being, let’s take you through some interesting facts about Dora.

  • Dora meets her best friend, Boots when Swiper tries to steal his boots
  • Boots was supposedly and initially a yellow-coloured mouse. But, because the audiences loved the purple hues, it was changed so
  • Dora’s full name in the show is Dora Marques
  • July 7 is celebrated as Dora Day every year
  • The first Spanish word that Dora ever taught was ‘azul’ which means blue
  • Dora the explorer has been nominated for 15 Grammys and has won one of those. Shocked? Surprisingly it’s true. This happened because of its constant educational episodes, not bargaining with the core values
  • Each episode took almost a year to be presented with perfection. That’s a lot of hard work there
  • Reportedly, more than 300 people worked on its single episode. That’s called the actual brain drain
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Tell us honestly, how many did you know?

Watch the playlist of Dora the explorer episodes on YouTube or Nickelodean Jr.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Dora?

Dora is a fictional character from the famous TV series, Dora the explorer

2. Who killed Dora?

No one killed Dora. It was a TikTok challenge

3. Is Dora still alive?


4. Can we watch the Dora series?

Yes, it’s still available for the viewers. Here’s how you can watch Dora the explorer

5. Does Dora love anyone?

Diego Beltrán Márquez de Leó, who is said to be her cousin

6. How old is Dora?

During the series, Dora is seven years old. In “Dora and the Lost City of Gold,” she is 16.

7. How did Dora die?

Dora didn’t die. It was just a weird challenge that went viral on TikTok


Dora is a famous character from Nickelodeon who has been teaching kids a lot through play.

It all started with the weird challenge on TikTok where subscribers were asked to film a video before and after searching for ‘How did Dora die?’

Surprisingly, people took it too seriously that they started speculating about the causes of her death. Most importantly, some also made videos of Dora being killed.

Ending the speculations and curiosities of millions, Dora is alive.

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