Cody Longo of ‘Days of Our Lives’ dies at 34

Actor and musician Cody Longo dies at the age of 34. According to reports, Cody was found dead in his home in Austin, Texas. It happened when Stephanie Nicole Clark, Cody’s wife, tried to reach him by phone but she could not reach him. She immediately contacted the police, who went to check on the actor and found him lying dead on the bed.

The cause of death has not yet been disclosed by the family. However, a family member said that he was suffering from alcoholism. Does this mean that the actor died of alcoholism?

Who is Cody Longo?

Cody was born in Denver on 4 March 1987. He began his career performing theatre and music on big screens and large stages. His professional career began in 2009.

He starred in projects like

  • Fame
  • High School
  • Piranha
  • Silent Thief
  • Bring It on
  • Make it or Break It
  • For the Love of Money
  • Most recently leading MTV/Viacom original series Hollywood Heights

Not just these, Cody also starred in leading movies like

  • Wildflower
  • Wretched
  • Wild for the Night
  • Promoted

Cody Longo dies at 34

The sad news of the actor’s passing was confirmed by his manager, Alex Gittelson. Alex reported his sudden death on Twitter.

According to reports, Cody struggled with alcoholism and was even admitted to rehab for it in 2022. However, there are no concrete reports suggesting that his death was due to alcoholism. They are merely speculations that his condition may have relapsed.

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Stephanie told an online magazine. She said that Cody had worked really hard on himself. She also said that Cody was a great father and the best husband. According to the reports, Stephanie is devastated and deeply saddened by the news.

Cody Longo’s manager explained that Cody took a break from acting because he wanted to pursue his music career. He also added that the late actor was a loyal, loving and talented person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cody Longo doing now?

The actor and musician was found dead at his residence in Austin

2. Who is Cody Longo’s wife?

Stephanie Nicole Clark was married to Cody Longo. They married in 2015

3. How old was Cody Longo?

He was 35

4. Did Cody Longo have children?

Cody Longo dies
Image Source: Instagram

Stephanie and Cody Longo have three children, two sons and a daughter.

5. What character did Cody play in Days of Our Lives?

Cody played Nicholas Alamain


Recently, the United States has suffered many losses in Hollywood. Recently there have been tragic deaths that have shaken the world. The news of the passing of Cody Longo is another shock.

Cody was an actor, a musician, a producer and a philanthropist who gave to charity.

Not many know that he was initially arrested for assault in 2019. According to Douglas County court records, he was charged with Class 4 felony sexual assault of a child. The incident occurred in July 2019.

Not only that but the actor was also arrested for domestic violence.

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On 7 November, Cody’s wife Stephanie told police that he hit her in the face with his forearm. According to reports, this case is still pending in court.

Honestly, there are many things we did not understand. First, why has not a cause of death been released to the public yet?

Secondly, if Stephanie had reported him for domestic violence, how could she say he was the best husband?

Thirdly, was he still an alcoholic and died of an overdose?

Furthermore, there is no official statement from the district yet.

We may pray for the departed soul to rest in peace, but we still have unanswered questions that we are trying to clarify.

Apparently, Cody Longo dies at the tender age of 35, leaving behind three children and a wife.

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