History of online gambling and casinos in Australia

The popularity of gambling among all age-old categories


For the first time, online casinos began to appear in the 1990s, and the era of modern online games started. In Australia, the first such platform was introduced in 1996 and was called Inter Casino. If you think that gambling has only recently appeared, then we will undoubtedly surprise you, as the first mention of them since 2000 BC. This was the first version of the small stone dice.


(Small stones that were replaced by modern dice)


Therefore, the game acquired a new kind and format during this time. The next stage was the beginning of card games, which are now very popular and are considered classic in the casino. If you look at the statistics in the online casino blog, you will be surprised that 80% of Australians love gambling. Another interesting fact is that 40% of the population is active online casino players. Australia considers it the first shitty number of gamblers. This area is so developed and famous that almost every state has an extensive real casino. This may also be because the player can claim 100% of their winnings, and the government will charge no fees.


This region pays special attention to the development of the sports section, as more than 85% of the adult population love to make bets. You were wrong if you thought most players were in Las Vegas. For Australia, this entertainment industry is part of the culture. Even pensioners prefer to spend their free time rotating slot machines or betting on their favorite teams.


Thus, the country is considered an excellent area for gambling and one of the largest, as almost all people of all ages (starting at 18 years) prefer to spend their free time on gambling sites.

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Game platform


The first species of excitement was horse racing, which appeared as early as 1850 in Australia. By the early 1920s, the first state-run lotteries were well regulated, yielding high revenues. In the course of the development of technology and the Internet, a new format, online casino, which has different regulatory bodies in each state:

Online Gambling

(Map of Australia with all state allocations)


  • Queensland, Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, legislation – Breakwater Island Casino Agreement Act 1984, Gaming Machine Act 1991, Interactive Gambling (Player Protection) Act 1998;
  • Australian Capital Territory, ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, legislation – Casino Control Act 2006 Gaming Machine Act 2004;
  • Tasmanian, Tasmanian Gaming Commission, legislation – Gaming Control Act 1993;
  • Victoria, Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, by law – Casino Control Act Casino (Management Agreement) Act 1993 Gambling Regulation Act 2003;
  • New South Wales, New South Wales Office of Liquor, legislation – Gaming and Racing, Casino Control Act 1992, Gaming Machines Act 2001;
  • Western Australia, Gaming and Wagering Commission of Western Australia, Casino Control Act 1984, Gaming and Betting (Contracts and Securities) Act 1985, and others.
  • Northern Territory, Licensing Commission, legislation – Gaming Control Act 2005; Gaming Machine Act 2005.


In 2001, the state passed a general law for all states that banned online casinos. In 2016, there was a ban on advertising bonuses and unlicensed online platforms outside the country. Players can also enjoy the gameplay, as overseas casinos can purchase an Australian license. Among the games you can choose:


  • Video slots
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Table game
  • Card game
  • Live casino with real dealers
  • Sports betting
  • Bets on eSports
  • Exchanges
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All this diversity is available to Australians. You can play video poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, dice, and bingo on your computer and mobile device. The main thing is to choose licensed gambling sites, so you do not have problems with the law.


The Best Online Casinos in Australia


Because Australians are very fond of gambling – their demands are very high. We made a selection of the best gameplay platforms for you. We took into account such factors: as game variety, the best providers, the necessary licenses, as well as convenient payment methods:

Online Gambling

(One of the best RocketPlay online casinos)


  • RocketPlay
  • Fair Go
  • Grand Rush
  • Woo Casino
  • 888Starz Casino


All the above gaming platforms have high user ratings and are the best in their field. All of these websites are live casino Australia, which has a wide range of games from various manufacturers. You will have the opportunity to play all the classic table games with real dealers and try new variations.


The most distinctive feature will be the presence of payment by cryptocurrency. This method is the most popular, as it has high limits and allows you to make anonymous transfers. Also, specific types of cryptocurrencies created particular games in which you will also be able to win in a clear currency.


Bonuses for Australians


If you visit a casino’s website from the region, you will not see any bonus offers in most cases. The explanation for this will be in the Australian law, which prohibits such kinds of gambling advertising. This is done to reduce the level of addicted people. Such ads can encourage players to invest more money in casinos and spend even more time on such sites. Therefore, you will need to register to see the bonus offers by choosing your country and convenient currency. The following bonuses will be available to Australians, which may vary depending on the website selected:

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  1. Welcome bonus. Once you have signed up for your account, you will receive your first bonuses. This can be extra money on deposit as well as free spins. Most often, a minimum deposit is required to activate this share. All such offers always have wagering conditions specified in the details.
  2. Regular bonuses are given out on certain days of the week. They also require small replenishments. This is an excellent feature for regular users, as, throughout the gameplay, you will be able to receive various rewards and additions.
  3. Cashback allows you to get a part of the lost money back into the account. This feature is unavailable on all websites, as it is a very generous offer.
  4. Various tournaments and quests will give players new features with additional special symbols and bonus rounds. As a result of specific missions, you can receive bonuses to your account and win competitions.
  5. Sports bonuses are available for betting on various sports, including eSports. For this type of promotion, usually create a separate section.
  6. The most favorite bonus for players is no deposit. To get it, you do not need to deposit money. Just register and activate the share.




Australia is a country with a very developed gambling industry and a part of its culture. Almost all age-old categories play online casinos and spend an average of $1,000 yearly on various bets and table games. Each state has its regulation, which extends to certain territories. State policy in gambling prohibits the advertising of bonus offers to combat gambling addiction. Players can enjoy the gameplay and enjoy all the benefits after registration.



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