Sadie Sink Was Once This Famous Broadway Character

Sadie Sink‘s career is soaring high and why not! Look at the work trajectory she is following. Her popularity has risen since being cast in The Stranger Things on Netflix. Sadie Sink completely stole the show when she returned to her role as tomboy Max Mayfield.

Sadie made her acting debut when she was only seven years old. Her mom discovered this when she and her brother Mitchell would not stop acting out scenes from Disney’s High School Musical. Her mother decided to enroll her in acting classes at a community theatre in Houston.

Sadie Sink’s popularity through the show, Stranger Things

It would be remiss to talk about Sadie Sink’s most memorable roles and fail to mention the biggest of her career so far. She joined the cast of Stranger Things as Max at the beginning of Season 2 and has been featured as a regular ever since.

Sadie Sink in Stranger Things

Together with her colleagues on the show, Sink has earned two SAG Award nominations for “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.”

The amount of money Sadie makes per episode of Stranger Things has been publicized, but not much else about her wealth. The rumored earnings for Stranger Things 3 episodes, including Sadie, were around $150,000 each. She has probably made over a million dollars by now.

The 21-year-old plays the character Max in the show and has featured in 26 out of 34 episodes so far. With only one season left, Max’s fate is not exactly known, and even Sink has been vocal about this state of limbo that her character is in.

Either way, the actress can look back on her time on Stranger Things with pride. But before that, do you know Sadie Sink worked on some famous projects in some prevalent roles? One of them was Sadie Sink’s character on Broadway. In this section, we will discuss her famous Broadway character which gave her career a rocket start.

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Sadie Sink’s famous Broadway character

Sadie has appeared in several films alongside some big-known stars before acting in Stranger Things. She co-starred opposite Elisabeth Moss as Kimberly in the 2016 film Chuck and also appeared in The Glass Castle as a young Lori Walls. In 2019, she also made an appearance in the terrifying film Eli.

Indeed, Sadie’s first performance was on Broadway. Sadie said to Vogue Singapore that she begged her mother to allow her to audition for a community theatre performance of The Secret Garden despite being too young to do so. “At that point, I resolved to stay with it and do it right,” she said.

Sadie’s family relocated to New Jersey so that she could expand her acting career. Sadie Sink has been performing on stage since she was a child and has also studied singing and dancing. Sadie started in the theatre, playing in several musicals before landing the role of Annie in the 2012 Broadway revival. The TV series “The Americans” was her first acting gig.

Sadie Sink’s last Broadway role was a huge one, as she starred alongside Helen Mirren in a stage production titled The Audience. With the legendary actress playing reigning Queen Elizabeth II, Sink had the distinct honor of stepping into the shoes of a younger version of the monarch. Mirren would later win a Tony for her work in the play.

Sadie Sink’s upcoming roles

Although there is a chance that she might not return to Season 5 of Stranger Things, Sadie Sink’s career is guaranteed to keep on growing. The big screen appears to be her main focus moving forward, at least in the interim future.

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Sink has already filmed two upcoming movies, titled The Whale and Dear Zoe. Both films are in post-production and will see the actress feature in the main roles.

Final takeaway

Sadie Sink’s remarkable career has some incredible and breathtaking performances. Nonetheless, the red-headed American actress has a long way to go. Her uniqueness, eloquence, and hard work will make her reach heights.

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