Plunderer Anime Returns for Season 2 – Release Date, Trailer, Episodes, and Updates on the Next Installment of the Popular Fantasy Series

The anime series Plunderer, based on Suu Minazuki’s manga, left fans eagerly anticipating its second season after a successful first season that aired from January to June 2020. Set in the post-apocalyptic world of Alcia where people’s worth is determined by a “Count” imprinted on their bodies, this fantasy romance anime combines an intriguing premise with compelling characters and relationships, action-packed adventures, and impactful plot developments.

The first season of “Plunderer” introduced viewers to the strong-willed Hina and the mysterious swordsman Licht Bach as they journeyed across Alcia, got embroiled in its political turmoil, and uncovered secrets about Licht’s shadowy past along the way. Hina embarked on a quest to find the Legendary Ace to help save her village, while Licht joined her with his own hidden motivations, his negative Count marking him an outcast in Alcia’s hierarchical society.

Over 24 episodes, their journey led them across towns and cities, into confrontations with warring factions and scheming political players, and into the discovery of Licht’s connections to Alcia’s dark history as one of the infamous Numbers soldiers. Action and drama went hand-in-hand with lighthearted and romantic moments between the two protagonists, their relationship developing despite starting off wary of each other.

Plunderer Season 2 Release Date

Plunderer Season 2 Release Date

The first season built up to a climactic finale, with Hina regaining tragic memories of her past, Licht embracing his identity and making an impactful sacrifice, and both finding themselves in predicaments hinting at future conflicts and quests ahead. The plot threads left dangling and the unanswered questions have left fans theorizing and anticipating just where the story could go next.

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While there has been no official confirmation of plans for “Plunderer Season 2” so far, neither has the series been cancelled, leaving its future uncertain but with plenty of potential. Fans that financial and scheduling factors, as well as the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, are likely reasons behind the lack of renewal news rather than any issues with viewership or source material.

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There is also plenty of manga content still untouched to fuel future anime seasons. With positive indicators like strong Blu-Ray sales and decent streaming numbers, fans remain optimistic for an eventual second season announcement, perhaps aimed for late 2023 depending on production schedules. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but the series seems poised for continuation based on its reception and following so far.

AuthorSuu Minazuki
GenresAdventure, fantasy, science fiction
Original run2015 – present
Volumes21 (as of Dec 2022)
Anime television seriesJan 9, 2020 – Mar 26, 2020
StudioGeek Toys
Main charactersHina, Licht Bach, Nana Bassler

Plunderer Season 2 Cast and Characters

Whenever “Plunder Season 2” does materialize, fans have high expectations and myriad theories about what could happen next. After the dramatic developments of the first season finale, that ranges from new antagonists for Hina and Licht to face, the mystery behind the Numbers soldiers being further unveiled, seeing fan-favorite characters like Nana and Mai again, and potential new romantic developments given the series’ focus on relationships.

There are also ample story arcs and adventures left to explore from the manga, opening up possibilities for fresh world-building, character journeys, and action set-pieces. And while the central duo of Hina and Licht anchors the narrative, the rich supporting cast offers plenty of directions for growth and intrigue.

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Ultimately, with its unique fantasy setting, endearing protagonists, and blend of action, drama, mystery, and romance, “Plunderer” has won a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting continuations of the journey. Despite uncertainties around production and release, there is much narrative potential still left to fulfill, and fans remain hopeful season 2 will eventually materialize to pick up where season 1 left off. When official updates finally emerge, expect an outpouring of anticipation.

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Plunderer Season 2 Story Details

While much can be said about the unique fantasy premise and adventurous plot of “Plunderer,” what truly fans lies in its heart – the characters. Viewers connected not just with the abilities and powers of Hina, Licht and others, but their motivations, relationships and humanity.

Hina’s perseverance in the face of tragedy and uncertainty, Licht’s struggle with identity and redemption, their evolving rapport despite starting as strangers – these emotional journeys unfold through quiet conversations as much as daring escapes and battles. The rich supporting characters like Nana, Mai and the bickering Shueisha siblings offer similar resonance.

This human element elevated “Plunderer’s” first season and is expected to be a cornerstone of any future chapters. While the eccentric setting provides action and intrigue, viewers ultimately anticipate connecting further with the lives and relationships of characters they have come to care about.

Romance and Redemption

Fans are particularly invested in the central relationship between lone wolf Licht and compassionate Hina. Their rapport grew from suspicion and wariness to trust and affection, but there remains room for even greater romantic development. Licht’s solemn stoicism cracking into vulnerability with Hina tugs at heartstrings, as do poignant moments like her falling asleep in his arms.

Viewers can whether their symbiotic relationship will deepen into acknowledged love, or if new tensions and awkwardness could enter the equation. They also look forward to more insight into Licht’s past and his path to redemption – can he reconcile his bloody history with his identity now? Hina’s unwavering faith offers hope, but his inner demons may still haunt.

More Mysteries to Unravel

Beyond character arcs, fans have many lingering questions about the state of the world of Alcia itself following the climactic Season 1 finale. The fallout from those massive revelations is ripe for exploration – how will Alcia function now considering the rulership questions? Have the Number soldiers really been wiped out? What new villains or power players may look to take advantage of the instability?

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There is also intrigue around the true nature of the mystical Counts determining social hierarchies. How did this system come to be, and could cracks emerge in it now? The mythology behind legendary figures like the Ace of Aces carries additional fascination fans hope a second season would expand on. In essence, the rich world-building of “Plunderer” lays fertile groundwork for countless new stories and quests.

Waiting with Bated Breath

While fans await official word on the anime’s return, the passion for “Plunderer” continues to be expressed across fan sites and social media. Followers share fanart depicting their favorite characters, gush over sweet romantic moments, theorize potential plot developments, and collectively hope for confirmation of continuation.

Popular anime blogs and YouTube reviewers have praised the series’ premise and noted its potential for growth, leaving many to predict success in a second season if greenlit. Fans maintain that the foundations are solid – from production quality to source material availability – for loads of new “Plunderer” content.


Though the waiting game for renewal announcement continues, viewers remain confident that this world and its emotive characters still have endless adventures ahead worth exploring. That coveted second season announcement, when it finally arrives, is sure to prompt elation and relief among the patient, yet loyal fanbase. Soon, they hope, the journey into new mysteries, relationships and action within Alcia shall resume again.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is “Plunderer Season 2” Confirmed?
    • As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding the release of “Plunderer Season 2.”
  2. What Can We Expect in Season 2?
    • Expect more action, drama, and exploration of the world of Alcia, along with new characters and deeper character development.
  3. Where Can I Watch “Plunderer Season 2”?
    • If released, it will likely be available on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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