Andrew Garfield-Led True Crime Drama Renewed: Under the Banner of Heaven Season 2 to Tackle More Mormon Extremism Cases

Under the Banner of Heaven captivated viewers when its first season premiered on Hulu in 2022. Starring Andrew Garfield, the tense miniseries exposes the dark side of religious extremism through a fictionalized true crime story about a Mormon fundamentalist murder.

Fans eagerly anticipate if there could be a second installment of this provocative series examining traditions and violence. Here’s an overview of what Season 2 details and story possibilities exist so far.

Andrew Garfield in particular brought such a haunting humanity to his role. Seeing his character balance religious devotion and cold hard detective work created such dissonance. And those finale scenes? Chilling doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Under the Banner of Heaven Season 2 Release Date

Under the Banner of Heaven Season 2 Release Date

I know there’s been ambiguity around whether the show will continue into a second season. I could see arguments either way. On one hand, I’m desperate to know more about the aftermath from season one’s ending and to explore other controversial Mormon figures. But maybe it risks diluting the power of the initial story?

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Ultimately I trust the creative minds behind the series – they’ve more than proven they can handle sensitive religious issues with care. If Under the Banner of Heaven returns, you know I’ll befirst in line to watch! This fascinating and unsettling glimpse behind the curtain of Mormon fundamentalism has thoroughly captivated me.

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NameUnder the Banner of Heaven
Created ByDustin Lance Black
StarringAndrew Garfield, Daisy Edgar-Jones
No. of Seasons1
No. of Episodes7
Based OnJon Krakauer’s nonfiction book
GenresHistorical drama, Mystery, Crime
Release DateApril 28, 2022
NetworkFX on Hulu
LocationsUtah, USA
Time Period1980s
Main PlotA Mormon detective investigates a murder by fundamentalists

Under the Banner of Heaven Season 2 Story Details

Under the Banner of Heaven is based on Jon Krakauer’s 2003 investigative nonfiction book exposing extreme fringe sects of the Mormon faith descending into violence in the name of God. The first season adapts the tragic 1985 murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her infant daughter by her brothers-in-law who claimed to have religious revelations commanding the slayings.

Season 1 concludes by covering the aftermath of the murders and court case convictions. This seemingly wraps up the central true crime storyline. But Krakauer’s dense book delves into additional history that the show could still explore in potential future seasons.

when does season 2 of under the banner of heaven come out

There are over 150 years of radicalized offshoots of Mormonism and their extremist violent acts that Under the Banner of Heaven could spotlight. Potential new episodes could probe into more real life deaths and terror enacted by renegade polygamist cults, all while paralleling how mainstream Mormon faith leaders enabled fanaticism.

Under the Banner of Heaven Season 2 Plot

If renewed, Season 2 of Under the Banner of Heaven would likely depart from the central Lafferty case focus. Instead it may weave together a new anthology-style investigation connecting more Mormon splinter group atrocities that have occurred in recent decades.

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Potential Season 2 episodes could revisit notorious cult leaders like Warren Jeffs and his Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints sect. It may intertwine Colorado City’s polygamous community with the infamous Ervil LeBaron’s sect’s killing sprees in the 1970s or the School of Prophets organization’s late 1990s bombings.

All of these harrowing true stories and their decades-long aftermath could be molded into another compelling season displaying how religious extremism tears families and communities apart when taken to the extremes.

Is Under the Banner of Heaven Having a Season 2?

As of early 2023, neither Hulu nor the Under the Banner of Heaven creative team have announced an official Season 2 renewal yet. The self-contained nature of Season 1 indicates the series always may have been conceived as a limited, standalone miniseries.

But fans continue to anticipate potential news of follow-up seasons exploring more real life tales illuminating the dark underbelly of radical Mormon offshoots engaging in murder, abuse, fraud and terror in America during the 1970-2010s through Krakauer’s exhaustive research.

Will Made in Heaven Season 2 Come?

Made in Heaven is an unrelated 2019 Indian drama series created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti for Amazon Prime. It has no connection to Under the Banner of Heaven. The status of a second season for Made in Heaven currently remains uncertain. Check its official page for any updates about potential future seasons.

How Many Seasons Are There For Under the Banner of Heaven?

As of early 2023, Under the Banner of Heaven has only aired one self-contained 7-episode season on Hulu and Disney+ adapting the central 1980s murders covered in Krakauer’s true crime novel.

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There is certainly room for the series to expand into seasonal anthologies drawing from the wealth of source material surrounding over a century of violent Mormon sects active in North America. But no additional seasons have been greenlit yet beyond the debut 2022 installment starring Andrew Garfield.

Is Under the Banner of Heaven Only 3 Episodes?

No – while some regionally limited trial versions of Under the Banner of Heaven were briefly available with only the first 3 episodes, the full first season consists of 7 total episodes.

Hulu and Disney+ currently offer the complete 7-part limited series to stream in territories like the United States. International Disney+ services also carry the full first season encompassing 7 episodes in one contained story arc focused on the shocking 1980s murders by Mormon extremists which transfixed the public for their religious connections.

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