Million Dollar Wheels Rolls Out Season 2 with More Outrageous Deals on Ultra Luxury Wheels

When the credits rolled on the Season 1 finale of Million Dollar Wheels, it felt like bidding farewell to a high-octane joyride far too soon. This slick Discovery+ series offers unmatched access into the fast-paced world of luxury car dealing, where seven-figure price tags are commonplace. Over six episodes, we witnessed the pressures and payoffs of catering to an ultra-wealthy clientele with unmatched automotive tastes. Season 1 left us revved up for more peeks inside this rarefied realm.

Leading the series is RD Whittington, a Texas-based luxury broker fittingly called “The Dealmaker.” Whittington captains a team of car-hunting specialists scrambling to source vehicles that satiate their clients’ lofty expectations. One episode shadowed Whittington across the Middle East to land a $4 million Saudi prince two one-of-a-kind Rolls-Royce Cullinans — complete with matching fridges inside holding the prince’s precious falcon.

Another hour followed a prominent CEO’s meteoric rise from modest means, culminating in Whittington gifting him a $900,000 Lamborghini Aventador as an emblem of his self-made success.

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Release Date

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Release Date

These high-stakes deals, requiring equal parts hustle, knowledge and charm, offer untold insights into catering to the uber-elite. And Whittington anchors it all with a charisma and work ethic forged from his own inspiring backstory — rising from an underprivileged, traumatic childhood to the top of luxury auto dealing through grit and vision.

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Between the wheeling-and-dealing drama and the emotional driver profiles, Million Dollar Wheels Season 1 left us wanting more time with RD and his crew of car-finding mavericks.

While an official renewal hasn’t been announced, all signs point to the series earning a sophomore run. Million Dollar Wheels filled a unique niche upon its February 2022 premiere, offering unprecedented access into an intriguing billionaire’s playground.

Solid viewership and social media chatter suggest an audience hungry for more insider perspective. Perhaps even more telling — in recent months, Discovery+ greenlit several new automotive titles including Race My Car and Speed Builds highlighting the outlet’s interest in doubling down on luxe car content.

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Cast and Characters

Should Million Dollar Wheels shift into another gear with a second lap, one can expect even more jaw-dropping vehicles and nail-biting negotiations as the stakes heighten. Maybe an episode trailing a royal commission or A-list celebrity cameo to showcase the brand’s growing clout. But at its core should remain RD Whittington — the magnetic Dealmaker himself — continuing to grant us ride-along passes into the mesmerizing arena of upscale auto dealings where imagination and affluence collide.

When the end credits rolled on Million Dollar Wheels’ freshman finale, it felt like waving goodbye to a newfound family of friends. In just six episodes, this slick Discovery+ series thrust us inside the fast-paced domain of luxury auto dealing, where mega-million price tags and brazen customizations are commonplace.

We witnessed the pressures and payoffs of catering to the ultra-wealthy, for whom cars are emotional emblems of identity and success. And at the series’ heart was RD Whittington – the magnetic “Dealmaker” anchoring it all with infectious passion. Million Dollar Wheels stood apart by revealing the human stories behind the horsepower – now fans eagerly await Season 2.

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NameMillion Dollar Wheels
TitleMillion Dollar Wheels
GenreReality TV
co-executive producerMark Stelljes
TV NetworkDiscovery+
StarsJamie Foxx, Ben Silverman, Howard T. Owens, Rob Buchta, Shahram Qureshi, Douglas Banker, Gretchen Morning, Luke Kelly-Clyne, Chelsea Friedland
Runtime52 min
No. of Episodes6
composerKenneth James Gibson
Release DateFeb 28, 2022

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Story Details

Certainly, a sophomore run seems imminent given the show’s unique appeal and warm reception. It occupies a novel niche, granting unprecedented access inside a rarefied billionaire’s playground. Solid ratings and social media chatter suggest an audience hungry for more insider peeks. The production value and storytelling clearly resonate.

Another hopeful sign — Discovery+ is aggressively expanding its reality programming centered on lustworthy vehicles, signaling intent to double down on car-focused content. Recent greenlights include Speed Builds and Celebrity Car Kings, underscoring the niche’s traction. Million Dollar Wheels seems primed to lead this wave given its strong debut.

Should the series shift into second gear, one can expect amplified escapism as the stakes heighten. Perhaps an episode trailing a royal entourage or A-list musician to showcase the brand’s growing clout. But the program should retain its secret weapon — the magnetic RD Whittington.

His rise from adversity to the top of luxury brokering makes him remarkably relatable. We glean insight into serving the elite by watching this self-made man stay grounded through it all.

What is the TV series about selling cars?

The show’s emotional core comes from profiling clients beyond their conveyance-based bravado. We glimpsed the CEO overwhelmed upon receiving his dream Lamborghini, bought by his proud friend as a tribute to his rags-to-riches journey. We rode along as a Saudi Prince ordered matching Rolls Royces to safely transport his beloved falcons. More of these humanizing moments please!

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While set among the wealthy, Million Dollar Wheels uses luxe cars as a launchpad to find shared hopes and dreams. Anyone who has ever nurtured ambition or conquered adversity can relate at some level. The series ultimately celebrates possibility – how vision plus perseverance can transform not just vehicles but lives.

Its underlying warmth is what distinguishes Million Dollar Wheels from other reality fare. This rare blend of humanity and horsepower explain our hunger for more seasons down the road.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Will the original cast return for Season 2?

A: While not officially confirmed, it is highly likely that the original cast will return, given their significant contribution to the show’s success.

Q: Can we expect new car customization techniques in Season 2?

A: Although specific details are not yet available, it’s reasonable to expect new and innovative customization techniques in the upcoming season.

Q: Will Season 2 be available for international viewers?

A: Given the show’s global popularity, it is likely that Season 2 will be accessible to international audiences through various streaming platforms or networks.

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