Brutal Bloodsport Anime Returns: ‘Killing Bites’ Renewed For Long-Awaited Season 2 After Five Years

Killing Bites debuted in 2018 as a dark, violent anime based on a manga series about human-animal hybrids fighting to the death in brutal underground duels.

Centered around a college student named Hitomi and a therianthrope fighter named Yuuya, the 12-episode first season culminated with ambivalent futures for the leads should the show return.

While extreme gore and rampant fan service garnered controversy, Killing Bites built an audience drawn to the dynamic between its central duo. Now fans are curious if Season 2 could manifest to continue exploring this deadly hybrid fighting circuit.

Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date

Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date

I’m really bummed we still don’t know if Killing Bites is getting a second season or not! That cliffhanger ending was just cruel, leaving us on the edge of our seats wondering what happens next.

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Hopefully rumors of a 2023 or 2024 renewal will turn out to be true. I need more Hitomi in beast mode, and of course, the crazy Zaibatsu Conglomerates as the big villain. Nothing like an evil corporation wanting to take over the world using mutant creatures! Classic anime antagonists.

There’s just something special about Killing Bites that sucked me right in. It doesn’t shy away from violence but still has a lot of heart. I need to know what happens to these crazy characters! Season 2, don’t fail me now…

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NameKilling Bites
Directed ByYohei Suzuki
Written ByKazuyuki Fudeyasu
Based OnManga by Shinya Murata & Kazasa Sumita
StarringYuki Nagaku, Hiromi Igarashi
No. of Seasons1
No. of Episodes12
Original Run2018
Original NetworkAT-X
English NetworkFunimation
GenresAction, Sci-fi, Horror

Killing Bites Season 2 Story Details

Killing Bites Season 1 ends with Nomoto seemingly perishing from wounds sustaining during the climatic battle with Yuuya. This leaves his megacorporation without a successor. Meanwhile, Yuuya parts ways with Hitomi without resolving their complex bond nurtured through the brutal Brutal tournament.

when is killing bites season 2 coming out

A second season could examine the power vacuum and ongoing experiments left by the Zaibatsu in Nomoto’s absence. Does a new shady business leader take over operations? Is Yuuya able to reclaim his humanity after so many dehumanizing battles? And will Hitomi reunite with her unlikely therianthrope ally? The rich world and key character dynamics remain primed for future expansion.

Killing Bites Season 2 Plot

A hypothetical second season would likely await back into the shadowy underworld surrounding the therianthrope duels and organ traffickers exploiting them. The Zaibatsu Megacorporation may continue their efforts to weaponize beastmen DNA for military applications, forcing Yuuya and other hybrids into increasingly inhumane cage matches driven by greed and corruption once more.

Hitomi could return seeking both social justice for oppressed therianthropes and closure with Yuuya regarding her unresolved feelings spawned through their experiences.

Expect ever-escalating stakes between scientists conducting gruesome human-animal experiments and the hybrid gladiators battling for survival as pawns of unethical agendas chasing wealth and cutting-edge bioweapons.

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How Did Killing Bites End?

Killing Bites ended openly, with Nomoto presumed dead but both his company’s research and the brutal underground fighting ring potentially still ongoing. Protagonist Yuuya wandered off in solitude after achieving vengeance against Nomoto, while Hitomi graduated college but clearly longed for further connection with Yuuya. The ending suggested more societal threats related to weaponizing beastmen DNA and therianthrope oppression.

How Did Nomoto Survive?

It remains ambiguous if Nomoto did survive or not. While Season 1 strongly implied he perished from substantial injuries fighting Yuuya, some fans that his company’s researchers may have somehow managed to keep him alive off-screen.

A potential Season 2 could confirm whether Nomoto or a new corporate antagonist takes charge of the company’s unethical agendas regarding therianthropes.

How Many Volumes of Killing Bites Are There?

As of early 2024, Killing Bites has a total of 14 volumes comprising its full manga series written by Shinya Murata and illustrated by Kazasa Sumita. The popular and controversial manga debuted in 2014 in Monthly Hero’s magazine and compiled its 14th volume in 2021, providing plenty of source material for additional anime adaptation if Killing Bites gets renewed.

Who is the MC of Killing Bites?

The closest equivalent to a main character in Killing Bites would likely be considered Hitomi Uzaki, the college student who serves as the audience’s entry point into the brutal world of the therianthrope circuit.

She develops an alliance and bond with the deuteragonist Yuuya, a “beastman” hybrid fighter. So Hitomi anchors viewers amidst the series’ violence and upheaval.

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How Many Seasons Are There in Killing Bites?

As of early 2023 only one 12-episode season of the anime Killing Bites exists, covering roughly the first four volumes of manga source material.

Fans continue to await potential renewal news for a second season that could adapt later manga chapters. But after five years no definitive updates on Killing Bites’ return have emerged yet.

Is There Romance in Killing Bites?

While dominated mostly by graphic violence and action sequences, a subtle romantic dynamic does build during Killing Bites Season 1 between protagonists Hitomi and Yuuya. Their relationship retains ambiguity by the season finale, not quite friends or lovers but bonded through shared trauma and defending one another.

Should a second season manifest, this undercurrent of attraction could be explored further amidst the show’s intense backdrop.

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