Death Parade Season 2: Fan Favorite Afterlife Series Returns in 2024 After Years of Waiting

Death Parade viewers when it aired in 2015 with its dark, philosophical themes about death and the afterlife. The 12-episode anime follows Decim, an arbiter who judges people after death and decides if they should be reincarnated or sent into the void. Each episode features Decim hosting different newly deceased people at the mysterious bar Quindecim, where he has them play a game to bring out the darkness in their souls.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting if and when Death Parade could return for a second season. Here is everything we know so far about the potential next chapters of this twisted series:

death parade season 2 release date

Death Parade Season 2 Story Details

The first season of Death Parade did not definitively conclude Decim’s story, leaving the door open for more tales about judging the recently deceased. Some loose plot threads at the end of season one include Decim beginning to show emotions and second guessing his judging techniques. This could be explored further in a second season.

Shinobi no Ittoki Season 2

There are also countless more bar games and human stories about the deceased that the show could highlight. A season two could feature Decim coming into greater existential conflicts about his purpose while meeting both darker and lighter souls of the departed. More backstory could also be revealed about the mysterious infrastructure and inner workings related to judging deaths across different dimensions.

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NameDeath Parade
GenrePsychological thriller
CreatorYuzuru Tachikawa
StudioMadhouse Productions
Original RunJanuary 10, 2015
NetworkNippon TV
StreamingFunimation, Hulu, Netflix
CharactersDecim, Chiyuki, Nona, Ginti, Clavis, Oculus, Quin, Mayu, Harada
Plot SummaryIn the afterlife, souls are judged by playing games. Decim, an arbiter, oversees these games in the mysterious bar Quindecim. With the help of his assistant Chiyuki, he judges the souls of the deceased and determines their ultimate fate.
ReceptionPositive reviews, critical acclaim, high ratings, and a dedicated fan base.
Sequel/SpinoffNone announced

Death Parade Season 2 Plot

While there have not been any definitive announcements of Death Parade Season 2, fans it could pick up right where the first season left off. It could show Decim becoming more empathetic yet also struggling with harsh judgments. Perhaps he goes rogue and tries to change the machinations of the afterlife system and save certain individuals from the misery of the void.

does death parade have a season 2

A sequel season could also introduce more arbiters besides just Decim and explore their bars and judging styles too. Maybe there is a hierarchy of senior arbiters revealed that hold authority above Decim. Alternatively, Decim could get ousted by a greater power and end up judged himself for failing in his duties. The philosophical elements of the show could continue to be amplified related to how we judge human nature and the morality behind punishment systems.

Is Light Yagami in Death Parade?

An intriguing fan theory whether iconic Death Note character Light Yagami could make a cameo appearance in Death Parade. Since Light died at the end of Death Note, some think his soul could have ended up in Quindecim for judgment by Decim. However, Death Parade contains no literal crossover appearances from Death Note. But Decim does bear some subtle similarities to Light’s calculating, god complex-like approach to judging human morality for life and death stakes.

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Is Death Parade Complete?

Officially, Death Parade currently just consists of the single 12-episode season that aired in 2015. Navigating distribution rights has allegedly made it a complex process to approve more seasons. Both fans and series director Yuzuru Tachikawa have expressed interest in continuing, but the anime has remained inactive besides a 2018 OVA episode. For now the series finale remains open-ended and additional seasons or OVA specials could still materialize someday.

When Did Death Parade End?

The one and only season of Death Parade ran from January 9, 2015 to March 27, 2015. The last new episode on March 27, 2015 concluded with Decim questioning his purpose and Nona clandestinely monitoring all of the recent judgment irregularities unfolding. This left Decim clearly undergoing some kind of burgeoning existential transformation still to be revealed.

Is Death Parade Only 12 Episodes?

So far there are only 12 main episodes of Death Parade that constitute its sole series season. A standalone OVA (Original Video Animation) episode was then released in 2018 entitled Death Billiards. This special extended episode runs 33 minutes long and offers some backstory on Decim’s origins as an arbiter. It sheds light on his supernatural abilities and his loyalty toward maintaining this purgatorial judgement bar system seemingly without end.

While fans continue hoping for a continuation, as of now the entirety of the Death Parade anime consists of 12 television episodes and 1 OVA for 13 total entries. Until more seasons materialize, theorists will be left analyzing the first season’s open-ended conclusion and craving more of the fascinating, slice-of-life crossed with Twilight Zone intrigue premise.

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