‘Insidious Chapter 6’ Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More – What We Know So Far About the Next Terrifying Installment in the Horror Franchise

Insidious has become one of the most popular and chilling horror franchises of the modern era ever since the first spine-tingling film terrified audiences in 2010. Directed by James Wan and starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, the original Insidious introduced the frightening story of a family plagued by paranormal forces that take hold of their young son.

That film was a sleeper hit, earning $97 million worldwide and spawning multiple sequels, with the death-defying storylines growing more complex with each new chapter. Now in 2024, the 6th film Insidious Chapter 6: The Last Key is set to haunt theaters and carry on the blood-curdling saga of the Lamberts.

Leading man Patrick Wilson is not only returning in front of the camera to reprise his role as Josh Lambert, the father desperately trying to sever his son’s connection to malicious spirits, but he is also stepping behind the camera making his directorial debut by helming this 6th installment. This marks an exciting shift putting Wilson at the creative forefront to shape the ongoing mythology he helped establish back in the first two films.

Insidious 6 Release Date

Insidious 6 Release Date

Reprising her role alongside Wilson is Rose Byrne as Josh’s wife Renai, who has experienced her fair share of trauma and horrors throughout this deathly series. Fan favorite Ty Simpkins will also be back as their son Dalton, whose out-of-body experiences opened the door to ghastly entities infiltrating this family in the first place.

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While the plot for Insidious 6 is under wraps, based on the ending of 2018’s The Last Key which revealed Josh’s deceased father’s dark past unlocking new dimensions to the series’ ghoulish world, we can expect the nightmares to continue amplifying to bone-chilling new heights. The Lamberts may have to dig deeper into their own family’s sinister secrets if they ever hope to sever the roots of this relentless evil that has haunted multiple generations.

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With Patrick Wilson taking creative control of this next chapter, expect the scares, surprises, and emotional drama to all escalate. Insidious 6 is poised to open terrifying new doors in the Lambert family’s desperate quest to escape the merciless forces pursuing them from beyond the grave. If the previous films are any indication, no one emerges unscathed from these paranormal battles. Blood will spill and lives will shatter in the epic showdown fans have waited years for – the final key turning in a puzzle that has spanned decades. Let the chilling haunting begin when Insidious 6 arrives on July 27, 2024.

NameInsidious 6
Release YearComing Soon
DirectorJames Wan
WritersLeigh Whannell
StarsPatrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey
Production companyStage 6 Films, IM Global, Alliance Films
Box office$97 million
PlotA couple’s son inexplicably enters a comatose state and becomes a vessel for ghosts in an astral dimension who want to inhabit his body.

What month is Insidious 6 coming out?

Ever since the first Insidious movie terrified audiences in 2010 with its chilling story of a family tormented by sinister paranormal forces, the horror franchise has kept fans on the edge of their seats across five spine-tingling installments. Now, the iconic spooky series is gearing up to deliver its sixth round of scares with Insidious Chapter 6: The Last Key hitting theaters on July 27, 2024.

when does insidious 6 come out

The original Insidious introduced devoted couple Josh and Renai Lambert, played by Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, whose lives are turned upside down when their son Dalton falls into an inexplicable coma. With the help of ghost hunters, they soon discover a demon has latched onto Dalton’s body – launching the Lamberts into a decades-long fight against the merciless specter hungry to claim more souls.

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After becoming a surprise low-budget smash, grossing nearly $100 million globally, the first film spawned several sequels expanding this ghastly saga even further each time, from exploring the demon’s desire to inhabit Josh himself to tying back to Josh’s dead mother’s dark past. Now six movies in, Patrick Wilson is back not just to reprise his main role of Josh but also to take over directorial reins for this latest installment as the Lamberts’ nightmares worsen.

Is Insidious 6 the last one?

Joining Wilson once again are fellow original cast members Rose Byrne as the long-suffering Renai and Ty Simpkins, who delivers a harrowing performance as the couple’s tormented son Dalton. While plot details are mostly shrouded in secrecy, we know the ending of 2018’s Insidious: The Last Key set the groundwork for this 6th chapter to access grim new dimensions by Josh’s late father’s connection to these merciless entities.

For Wilson taking the helm behind the camera this time, along with screenwriter Leigh Whannell also returning, devotees can expect the series’ scariest surprises yet as Josh risks everything to put an end to these hauntings once and for all. But can the secret “last key” to banishing this demonic curse be found without unleashing fresh hell?

Spanning 73 years from Josh’s grandmother in the 1950s up to present-day, the Insidious saga has relentlessly followed this family through the decades. With each film, the unraveling mystery and trauma has only compounded after restless spirits passage back and forth from the Further – the nightmarish realm where the most dangerous ghosts lurk.

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Now facing down one final petrifying chapter, Josh and Renai must confront the malicious forces threatening their son like never before. But what fresh demonic tricks lie in store as the iconic series that has kept fans sleeping with one eye open gears up for an epic and eerie grand finale? The keys to the kingdom of the dead turn on July 27, 2024.

Where can I watch Insidious 6?

As for where you can watch Insidious 6, the movie is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 27th, 2024. After the theatrical run, Insidious 6 will likely follow previous franchise release patterns and become available on streaming platforms and VOD in the subsequent months.

Given the series’ relationship with Netflix, Insidious 6 will probably make its streaming debut there first. The most recent installment, 2018’s Insidious: The Last Key, was added to Netflix US in mid-2019 after opening in theaters January 2018.

So based on that timeline, you can expect Insidious Chapter 6 to be available on Netflix approximately 6 months after its summer 2024 theatrical premiere. That would be a projected Netflix debut of January/February 2025 for the 6th Insidious fright fest.

What is Insidious 6 called?

In terms of other streaming options, previous Insidious movies have also made their way to platforms like Hulu and HBO Max in the past, so Insidious 6 will likely follow on those as well after the Netflix window.

But horror fans hoping to be among the first audiences to experience whatever ghastly surprises director Patrick Wilson has in store can catch Insidious Chapter 6 when it makes its big screen debut next summer, playing on the nation’s major theater chains starting July 27, 2024. Just prepare for some seriously scary viewing!

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