The best online projects that you can play solely for the sake of grinding


Online projects are an excellent opportunity to develop your hero, just like in the classic RPG format, but play with other live players, and not just with artificial intelligence.

It is important that some gamers love MMOs solely for the sake of grinding, that is, hunting monsters and collecting resources for their hero. For some, this is an element of relaxation, just monotonously killing monsters, and it doesn’t even matter what experience and resources this idea brings.

It is important that the project allows you to play for your own pleasure, without cutting down your gameplay in any way, even if you are not at all interested in the plot and just hunt, raise your level and get weapons and equipment, or sell resources to purchase lots from other players.

Final Fantasy 14

A project from the company Squire Enix, who also released the MMO RPG format in order to attract new players to their servers and interest an audience who have never encountered the story of Cloud and Tifa, but they may be interested in the new world, especially since the developers took as a basis their past parts and the best ideas from World of Warcraft, refined them and proposed new ideas to interest new players and retain old ones.

In fact, for those who want to grind, but as part of the new update, they can not spend a lot of time on leveling up the main character and just order ff14 boosting service from a professional service and start their gameplay from level 90, especially since the booster will leave all received in the process of completing an order, resources are given to the player as a bonus.

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You simply select your character, and you can start grinding after completing the training tasks.

Your main task is to choose the right player if you want to bet on grinding – in the support class you will not have pleasant leveling in FF 14. Choose a warrior, mage, archer and any similar and pleasant attacking character who can waste minimal resources and deal stable damage to single or group targets.

Ideally, if this character kills enemies with minimal resource costs and the need for regeneration.

For example, a mage is good at destroying monsters in large numbers, but is highly dependent on the supply of mana, which must be regularly replenished.

A warrior, on the contrary, spends practically no resources and periodically strengthens your attacks for a short time. But a warrior always risks his health because he is in close contact with a large number of monsters.

All accumulated resources can either be sold if collecting them is not part of your plans, or left and converted into finished items after learning the appropriate profession.

World of Warcraft

This is one of the largest and most recognizable projects, which essentially brought the MMO RPG format to the gaming industry.

You will choose one of the parties to the conflict that will never achieve reconciliation – the Horde or the Alliance.

The choice does not play a strong role, because each race has its own strengths, which, although they provide advantages, are not so significant that you choose the main character solely because of them. The faction as a whole is more of a visual and ideological choice – choose whoever you prefer to play for, without any additional reasons or arguments.

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For fans of grinding, World of Warcraft creates ideal conditions, because you can even choose a specific update in which you will complete quests, or destroy monsters, and so on until the moment when you reach level 60 and go to the Dragon Islands.

The grind will not only continue there, but will also take place in a new format.

You have to go through four islands and meet all kinds of dragons and their enemies that live there.

Some players will see situations for the first time in which one type of monster attacks others and vice versa – this is where the secret of the Dragon Islands lies, where you will find out the main reasons – why dragons fight with centaurs, gnolls, giants and other monsters.

However, you don’t have to rush and go through the main stages of the Shadowlands locations and other updates – WoW does not limit you in any way in this gameplay.

The advantage of WoW is that you can constantly change locations among yourself and choose any point and place that you like. The most important thing is that the location suits your level, and for this the monsters must be several levels higher than you, but not less than the same value, otherwise the percentage of experience and loot will be greatly reduced, which will reduce grinding to an absolutely useless activity.

Destiny 2

This is not a classic MMO RPG project from the company Bungie, which allows players not only to grind, but also to do it in a shooter format.

This means that no matter what hero you choose, you will always shoot first and only then use skills.

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According to the plot, humanity is resisting an alien invasion, which means that you will have a lot of objects to grind, at least until the moment when you reach the phase of the reverse offensive and gradual exploration of space. You will be able to visit many planets, and the last one added as part of regular updates at the moment is Neptune, where Saint 13 will be waiting for you with new orders and tasks for everyone who wants to continue their game path.

For all fans of single grind, there is an interesting mechanic – you can go for strikes.

This is a format of small raids for a small group of players, but if you wish, have strong concentration and have good equipment, you can complete them alone, although it will not be easy, but it will be interesting and profitable.

The most important thing is to remember that although this is a simplified mechanic, it is still a raid, with a strengthened dungeon leader and his retinue.

First, it is better to clear out all the guards, because in large numbers they can cause you problems – attack you, or heal and strengthen the boss.

When there are no more enemies left, you can take on the chapter of the dungeon, but if possible, keep your distance and use cover in order to minimize the damage to yourself and increase it to your enemy.

When the boss is destroyed, you can collect all the rewards that you can knock out and the campaign can be repeated until you collect good enough equipment to move to a more difficult high-level format.


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