The Ranch Wraps Up After 8 Seasons but Fans Still Hope for a Miracle Season 9 Last Call or Last Laughs?

The Ranch is a glimpse into the lives of a rural ranching family in Colorado as they navigate life’s ups and downs together. At the heart of the show is the Bennett family – brother Colt and Beau, their father Beau Sr, and mother Maggie. Though the family runs a successful cattle ranch, making ends meet is a constant struggle.

The show reveals the humanity behind this ranching family. We see their loyalty and love for each other even when disagreements arise. There is a tenderness between Beau Sr and Maggie, an unbreakable bond between the brothers Colt and Beau, and a fatherly protectiveness Beau Sr feels towards his sons. Though the work is gritty and the lifestyle is tough, there is a charm to ranch life that comes through.

Life on the ranch isn’t always easy. The long hours and back-breaking work take their toll. But the love of the land and livestock pours out from every family member. The ranch has been in the Bennett family for generations. Letting it fail is not an option for them. The determination to preserve their way of life for future Bennett generations is depicted through lighthearted comedy and sentimental drama.

The Ranch Season 9 Release Date

Will there be a part 9 to The Ranch?

Beyond the central Bennett family, the show also depicts a small rural Colorado ranching community. This community faces economic uncertainty but remains tight-knit. Neighbors rely on and support each other. The Bennetts exemplify the ethic of banding together even when individuals don’t see eye-to-eye on issues. There is a Neighbor-helping-neighbor generosity that harkens back to a fading but still present sensibility in rural America.

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At its core, The Ranch appeals through its humane, sympathetic perspective towards the ranching characters it depicts. Although the plot lines sometimes verge on the absurd, the show keeps bringing viewers back to the warmth and charm at the heart of one American ranching family. Their loyalty towards the land and each other reflect virtues that anyone can appreciate and be moved by.

The Bennett’s struggles are relatable, even to non-ranching folk. Their bonds of family speak to universal human longings. The Ranch taps into this common humanity – resulting in a show enjoyed by a broad audience spanning rural and urban settings across the country.

NameThe Ranch
Created ByDon Reo, Jim Patterson
StarringAshton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Sam Elliott
Number of Seasons8
Number of Episodes80
Original NetworkNetflix
Original ReleaseApril 1, 2016 – January 24, 2020
SettingGarrison, Colorado
Production CompanyRanch Hand Productions
GenreComedy, Drama
Plot SummarySeries following the dysfunctional Bennett family on their Iron River Ranch cattle business.

Why did they stop making The Ranch?

The Ranch was a popular comedy series that aired on Netflix for four seasons from 2016-2020. Centered around a dysfunctional ranching family in Colorado, the show starred Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Debra Winger, and Sam Elliott. It attracted strong viewership during its run and was one of Netflix’s most watched shows.

when will the ranch season 9 be on netflix

However, behind the scenes, issues were mounting that ultimately led to the show’s cancellation. First and foremost was the departure of Danny Masterson from the cast. He left the show in 2017 amid sexual assault allegations against him. This abrupt exit left a major hole in the cast dynamic and creative direction of the show. Additionally, Ashton Kutcher had never signed on for more than four seasons, despite the show’s popularity. So as Danny exited, the end was already in sight.

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There were also indications that audience enthusiasm was waning by season four. Reviews became more mixed and negative, critiquing the repetitive storylines and lack of character growth. Having lost one of its core stars and facing a decline in buzz, continuing The Ranch no longer made creative or business sense for Netflix.

Is there a season 10 of The Ranch?

After Danny Masterson exited the show midway through season 3 due to personal controversies, the show continued on. However, Ashton Kutcher had stipulated he would only stay for 4 seasons from the start. So when season 4 concluded in 2020 after 80 episodes, that brought the story of the Bennetts and their ranch to a close.

While the show had a loyal audience and received some critical acclaim over its run, Netflix and the creators decided it had reached a natural endpoint. They have not expressed any plans to revisit the Bennetts or their ranch down the line for a hypothetical 10th season. So for now, the four season run of The Ranch stands as the beginning and end of the show. There is no additional season being worked on by Netflix at this current time in late 2022 and early 2023.

Is Garrison a real town in Colorado?

Garrison exists entirely within the narrative world of The Ranch as the rural ranching community where the Bennett family lives and works on their cattle ranch. Located in a remote mountainous region of Colorado, Garrison serves as an isolated, small-town backdrop for the show’s comedy about family dysfunction, relationships, and ranch life.

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While there are some real small towns in Colorado that likely inspired elements of the show’s portrayal of Garrison, the town itself does not exist on any real maps or have an actual location tied to a specific area of Colorado. It was invented by the showrunners Jim Patterson and Don Reo to be the contained, quirky setting for the Bennett family ranch.

So in summary – no, The Ranch’s Garrison is not real. It does not have a true location or counterpart town in the actual state of Colorado. It was imagined specifically by Patterson and Reo to exist only as a narrative small town setting for their comedy series about a ranching family.

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