‘Imposters’ Fans Still Hope for Revival After Season 3 Cancellation Despite Petitions and Demand

Imposters debuted on Bravo in 2017 as a slick, female-led twist on the classic con artist premise. Led by an excellent ensemble cast, the dark comedy-drama built a passionate cult following over two seasons. However, Imposters was unexpectedly cancelled in 2018 right after a thrilling cliffhanger finale that left fans desperate for resolution.

Now viewers are wondering – could Imposters season 3 still materialize somehow to tie up loose ends? Given the show’s surging popularity on Netflix and devoted social media campaigns lobbying for its return, there remains a sliver of hope that Maddie and company could pull off one final genius con trick against cancellation itself.

Imposters Season 3 Release Date

Imposters Season 3 Release Date

Imposters follows Maddie (Inbar Lavi), a seductive con woman who romances her targets before disappearing with their money. The show chronicles her latest victims banding together to unravel Maddie’s past schemes.

Married at First Sight Season 18

TV ShowImposters
Production CompaniesVilla Walk Productions, Riverrun Films, Universal Cable Productions, NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Cast MembersInbar Lavi, Parker Young, Rob Heaps, Marianne Rendón, Stephen Bishop, Brian Benben, Ray Proscia, Katherine LaNasa, Uma Thurman, Denise Dowse, Adam Korson, Mary Kay Place, Mark Harelik, Aaron Douglas, Paul Adelstein, Laura Archbold, Rachel Skarsten, Anne-Marie Johnson, Megan Park, Jaime Ray Newman, Griffin Dunne, Mauricio de Montellano, Mikey Madison
Creators, Writers, and DirectorsPaul Adelstein, Adam Brooks, Elisa Lomnitz Climent, Dean Imperial, Emily Cook, Kathy Greenberg, Andy Parker, Jeremy Boxen, Neena Beber, Sheila R. Lawrence, Wayne Yip, Sheree Folkson, Nick Gomez, April Mullen, Marta Cunningham, Tobias Datum
Release DateTo be announced
PlotNot yet revealed
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A Look Back at Imposters’ Thrilling Premise and Charismatic Cast

Maddie’s trio of jilted exes include struggling artist Ezra (Rob Heaps), troubled grad student Richard (Parker Young) and veteran swindler Max (Brian Benben). They reluctantly team up with FBI agent Patrick (Stephen Bishop) and Maddie’s former partner Sally (Katherine LaNasa) to track her down.

Meanwhile, Maddie begins impersonating a wealthy heiress named Ava Farmer. But as she ensnares a new mark in a dangerous long con, secrets from her youth resurface threatening to destroy her latest reinvention.

when will imposters season 3 be on netflix

Why Was Imposters Abruptly Cancelled After Season 2?

Despite strong reviews, Imposters struggled in ratings on cable. The unconventional genre-bender was an odd fit on Bravo alongside campy reality shows. Viewership dipped steeply in season 2, so the network cancelled Imposters on a painful cliffhanger ending.

Several factors hampered the show’s ability to thrive on traditional TV:

  • Imposters appealed to younger viewers not coveted by advertisers
  • Odd scheduling hampered viewing momentum
  • Intricate plotting was not optimized for cable

The season 2 finale saw Ezra seemingly murdered by an unseen sniper just as Maddie arrived to confess the truth. This agonizing cliffhanger left fans forever wondering – who fired the lethal bullet?

Could Imposters Still Return from the Dead for a Season 3?

In the years since cancellation, Imposters has seen a marked rise in popularity after hitting Netflix. The show sits at 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes showing unanimous critical acclaim.

Meanwhile, Imposters fits far better into the modern streaming landscape valuing sharp serialized dramas. Fan-driven campaigns like #SaveImposters have continued lobbying for networks to wrap up unfinished storylines.

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The cast and creators remain enthusiastic about revisiting the characters. And the con artist premise offers endless directions to explore in future episodes.

So while the odds are still slim, it’s possible Imposters could make an unlikely comeback on a platform optimized for its unconventional appeal. After all, master manipulator Maddie Jonson should never be underestimated!

Who Would Star in an Imposters Season 3?

If Imposters returns, these core ensemble members would likely reprise their roles:

Inbar Lavi – The magnetic, complex grifter anti-heroine around whom the show revolves. Maddie rediscovering her past would drive season 3.

Parker Young as Richard – The wounded romantic unable to quit toxic Maddie despite endless misery. Their dysfunctional dynamic warrants deeper exploration.

Rob Heaps as Ezra – The lonely artist who could bond more with Maddie if he survived the shooting. Actor availability would be crucial.

Marianne Rendón as Jules – Maddie’s star pupil must walk the line between following in her mentor’s footsteps and losing herself.

Katherine LaNasa as Sally – The tough veteran grifter now on a quest for vengeance against her betrayer Max.

Brian Benben as Max – The dangerous predator weaponizing secrets, Max would likely serve as season 3’s chief antagonist.

Stephen Bishop as Patrick – The by-the-book FBI agent who could evolve into an unlikely father figure in Maddie’s life.

Of course new eccentric artists, cunning Grifters, and shady thieves would also join the mix!

What Potential Stories Could Imposters Season 3 Explore?

Assuming Ezra survives the finale cliffhanger, season 3 might open by implicating Maddie in his shooting. She could go on the run with Sally and Jules launching their own rogue investigation.

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Max’s unknown criminal conspirator working against Maddie would likely drive overarching season 3 tension. Meanwhile, Ezra recovers from grave wounds possibly discovering who Maddie really is without her deceptions.

Season 3 would hopefully provide meaningful resolution addressing Maddie’s buried backstory and childhood trauma. These revealing flashbacks explaining the con artist’s origins could lend poignant emotional context to her inability to sustain authentic relationships in the present timeline.

Ultimately Imposters succeeds on the magnetic pull of its characters over any individual plots. So a final season would offer fan service closure for the characters’ ongoing inner journeys toward self-realization beyond the intoxicating schemes.

Will Imposters Ever Con Its Way Back for Another Season?

Currently, no firm plans for Imposters season 3 have emerged. Yet given endless possibilities in the streaming era, one should “never say never” when it comes to canceled cult favorites potentially resurrecting down the line.

Imposters masterfully executed endless reinventions over two years of twists. So perhaps with time, growing word of mouth, and fan momentum, the cunning series could ultimately fool even network cancellation itself!

Of course, wishful thinking alone cannot will a defunct show back into existence. But through its unconventional heroines always evading danger and death, Imposters symbolized the hope of second chances against punishing odds.


So even if season 3 remains a fantasy for now, this sharp post-modern noir still deserves a fitting conclusion that would leave faithful fans satisfied. The world of Imposters stays rife with potential for more cons, betrayals, and sparks always on the brink of erupting into thrilling new crises to unravel.

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