Kindred Fans Hold Out Hope for Season 2 Renewal as Calls Mount for Hulu to Continue Exploring Identity and Inequality

When the first season of Kindred wrapped up its eight-episode run on Hulu last December, fans were left grasping for answers. The sci-fi drama, based on Octavia E. Butler’s influential novel, masterfully blends thought-provoking social commentary with emotional family bonds. Viewers connected deeply with the show’s heartfelt exploration of identity, power dynamics, and what lengths one might go to in order to protect loved ones.

So it’s no wonder the open-ended finale left many clamoring for the story to continue. The show’s lead Mallori Johnson delivered a raw, powerful performance as Dana James – a young Black woman transported back to a 19th century plantation, where she meets enslaved ancestors she aims to protect. Complex questions around choice, complicity, and changing history remained tugging at fans’ minds long after the credits rolled.

Kindred Season 2 Release Date

Kindred Season 2 Release Date

But with over 5 million viewers streaming the first season, one might expect Kindred’s renewal announcement to have arrived early and eagerly. Sadly, however, 2023 begins with the show’s fate still uncertain. Fans have taken to social media looking for updates, sharing their hopes for Dana’s story to receive a second chapter. And Mallori Johnson herself has expressed her longing to continue embodying such a dynamically complex character.

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The lack of official word from Hulu so far has left some fans worried – draft tweets with #savekindred show their concern. But others caution against presuming the worst just yet. Production and development of new shows did slow these past few pandemic years, after all. Many streaming services play renewal decisions closer to the vest now to gather more data. Plus, Kindred tackles bold, socially-conscious themes that may require more delicate navigation before proceeding to new seasons.

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Based onKindred by Octavia E. Butler
Developed byBranden Jacobs-Jenkins
StarringMallori Johnson, Micah Stock, Ryan Kwanten
Theme music composerNathan Matthew David
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8
Running time55 minutes
Release dateDecember 13, 2022 – present

Will There Be Season 2 Of Kindred?

Ultimately, the show’s creators passionately want to continue exploring these meaningful narratives about identity and systemic inequality. But broadcasting requires complex infrastructure with many shifting variables. Perhaps the best fans can do is extend some grace around the uncertainty and avoid making presumptions.

Mallori Johnson urges hopeful patience, trusting that positive updates will come in their due time. Social reform and cultural awakenings rarely unfold quickly and easily, after all. Uplifting stories about valuing human dignity require thoughtfulness too.

So while it’s only natural for audiences to feel impatient for the next chapter, the breathless hiatus could become worthwhile if it allows the show to elevate its social impact even further. As Octavia Butler proved through her literary works, profound change often starts by sitting with the discomfort of uncertainty.

when is kindred season 2 coming out

How Many Seasons Of Kindred Are There?

When Kindred first premiered on Hulu in December 2022, it electrified viewers with its raw, timely portrait of a young Black woman transported back in time to a southern plantation. Mallori Johnson delivered a masterful performance as Dana James, a writer in present-day Los Angeles who suddenly finds herself face-to-face with enslaved ancestors. Created by acclaimed playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Kindred deftly juxtaposed the horrors of America’s past with its lingering present-day repercussions.

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Fans were instantly hooked, moved by the show’s nuanced exploration of identity, power dynamics, and the bonds of family. Its eight thought-provoking episodes spurred important conversations about systemic inequality in the U.S. and what ordinary citizens today can do to fight injustice.

How Many Episodes Of Kindred Will There Be?

So after following Dana on her perilous journey through time, audiences eagerly awaited news of Kindred’s renewal for season two on Hulu. The first installment ended openly, leaving character arcs and story threads primed for continuation. With so much more ground to cover from Octavia Butler’s source novel, one season clearly wasn’t enough space to give this impactful adaptation its full due.

Plus, after connecting deeply with Mallori Johnson’s superb turn as Butler’s complex protagonist, fans craved more. Surely Dana still has vital lessons left to learn by walking in her ancestors’ shoes. And her present-day loved ones likely wonder what became of her after she mysteriously vanished.

But despite Kindred quickly finding its footing among 2022’s most talked-about new shows, Hulu has yet to confirm if season 2 will happen. Production delays stemming from the pandemic have kept many streaming shows in limbo – and Kindred’s subject matter adds more delicate wrinkles. Perhaps Hulu preferred waiting to see Fan reception before deciding the next chapter.

How Old Is Dana In Kindred?

Thankfully though, Jacobs-Jenkins believes wholeheartedly in Kindred’s message and Dana’s unfinished journey. While being cautious of making assumptions, he does intend to honor fans clamoring for more by mapping out future seasons. Of course, episodic television requires complex coordination – but in time, expect hopeful news.

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For now, take heart that behind the scenes, Kindred’s creative team advocates expanding this soul-stirring exploration of identity and inequality. More time in Dana’s shoes – along with her family’s – could powerfully challenge social biases. As long as audiences make clear that Butler’s timeless story still resonates, Kindred’s future looks bright.

So rather than growing discouraged by the long hiatus, fans should see it as added space for society to catch up. Dana still has hard truths to teach those willing to walk with her and truly listen. When Hulu finally gives Jacobs-Jenkins the green light again, a more thoughtful cultural landscape may have taken root – allowing new seasons to bloom even more meaningfully.

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