Beforeigners Season 3: Release Date, Cast Updates, and Where to Watch on HBO, Netflix, and More!

Beforeigners, the innovative HBO Nordic sci-fi drama series, dazzled critics and fans with its fresh blend of crime, history, and social commentary when season 1 debuted in 2019. The show envisions modern-day police investigating murders committed by Vikings, Stone Age people, and refugees displaced in time – the titular “Beforeigners”. Now fans eagerly await if a third season is on the horizon to continue this addictive fish-out-of-water saga.

Season 1 first hit screens across Scandinavia in August 2019 spanning 6 episodes. The show centers around burned-out Oslo police officer Lars Haaland (Nicolai Cleve Broch) who reluctantly partners with Halfdan the Black, a Viking chieftain mysteriously transported to present day. The oddball pairing exemplifies thought-provoking themes around displacement, xenophobia, and clashing cultures – all cloaked within engrossing police procedural.

Beforeigners Season 3 Release Date

Who Is Tore In Beforeigners?

Due to the first season’s success, HBO Europe renewed for a second 6 episode arc continuing Lars and Halfdan’s investigations into “time migrant” related crimes. Season 2 debuted in December 2021, expanding more on the intricacies of past eras colliding with modern societies and the ensuing tensions. Fans were left on a cliffhanger desperate to know if there will be a season 3.

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So when can we expect Beforeigners season 3 release date if greenlit by HBO? More episodes typically take 12-18 months from renewal announcements to hitting screens. That timeline would target late 2023 at the earliest for potential next installment.

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GenreScience fiction, Crime drama
Created ByEilif Skodvin, Anne Bjørnstad
Directed ByJens Lien
StarringNicolai Cleve Broch, Krista Kosonen
No. of Seasons2
No. of Episodes12
Original NetworkHBO Nordic
Original ReleaseSeason 1: August 21, 2019; Season 2: December 5, 2021
Season 3 StatusNot yet announced

When Did Beforeigners Come Out?

No formal announcements have surfaced yet regarding season 3. But the creator has indicated a desire to go beyond the original plan of two 6 episode blocks, saying each season explores a new time period. Dynamic lead stars Nicolai Cleve Broch and Krista Kosonen have also expressed enthusiasm to keep evolving their characters’ unlikely partnership.

Where can fans view the eventual 3rd season? As a HBO Nordic production, new Beforeigner series initially airs across HBO streaming platforms in Nordic regions like HBO Max. North American and other viewers hoping to get their Beforeigners fix in season 3 would likely find it on services carrying HBO content in their country once released.

will there be a beforeigners season 3

So stay tuned for any concrete details signaling if the engrossing story placing displaced people throughout history in modern societies will continue. With so many eras left to explore, the potential remains rich for even more mind-bending scenarios confronting Lars, Halfdan and the rest of the ensemble cast with peculiar challenges bridging wildly different worlds.

How Many Episodes Are There Of Beforeigners?

When the HBO Nordic series Beforeigners first premiered in August 2019, it brought a fresh sci-fi twist to conventional crime dramas. The show envisions disrupted people from the past, like Viking warriors and Stone Age tribes, mysteriously appearing in modern day Oslo, Norway. Culture clashes and fish-out-of-water humor ensues as burned out police officer Lars reluctantly partners with the displaced Vikings to solve homicides.

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This inventive plot overlaying historical fantasy elements onto an otherwise straightforward detective show became a quick binge-worthy phenomenon across Scandinavia and beyond. Fans soon were asking – how many total episodes is this highly addictive series?

Season 1 consisted of 6 episodes ranging from 45 to 55 minutes when it launched in 2019. The abbreviated first season introduced main characters like Lars and Viking leader Halfdan while also building out the bizarre phenomenon of these time migrants. It laid solid groundwork but left viewers wanting more of this allegorical crime procedural.

Is Beforeigners A Good Show?

Fortunately HBO Nordic recognized Beforeigners growing fanbase and renewed for a second season with, again, 6 more episodes that picked up where season 1 left off. Season 2 launched in December 2021, continuing to explore the collisions between eras through Lars and Halfdan’s unlikely partnership.

12 episodes across two seasons still feels relatively short for such an expansive, high-concept show that could easily stretch across additional seasons. And that abbreviated episode count is by design – European series frequently have shorter episodic runs compared to American television. This allows for tightly constructed seasons without dragging down plot pacing.

And the good news for fans hungry to spend more time in Beforeigners captivating universe – the creator has indicated they envisioned stories beyond the original two 6 episode blocks. There is still so much fertile narrative ground around the time displacement phenomena and associated societal tensions that a season 3 seems very plausible.

So could we get an order confirmation for more 6 episode runs to bring the total closer to 18 or even 24 episodes? Devoted fans eagerly await renewal news! Until then, they continue dissecting the intricate characters and relationships already established and speculating where the story trajectories could head next.

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Catch up now on the current 12 episodes across HBO Max to see this one-of-a-kind series that uses time travel tropes to examine very timely societal issues around integration, diversity, and culture clashes. Then cross your fingers for more fascinating cases confronting Lars, Halfdan and the rest of the Beforeigners ensemble.

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