1923 Renewed for Season 2 at Paramount+ – Filming Underway, Expected Release Date, Cast Returns and Plot Hints

After the rousing success of the first installment of the ‘Yellowstone’ origin story prequel 1923, Paramount Plus swiftly renewed the next chapter chronicling the Dutton family trials and tribulations in the early 20th century American West. 1923 season 2 is slated for release in late 2023.

The first season of 1923 debuted in December 2022 as a holiday treat for fans, featuring 8 episodes with early American history woven into the Duttons’ personal drama. It stars Hollywood legends Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford as the Dutton matriarch and patriarch grappling with Prohibition, the Great Depression, and threats to their Montana ranch.

1923 season 2 Release Date

1923 season 2 Release Date

Creator Taylor Sheridan continues expanding the Yellowstone universe he meticulously built across multiple series like 1883, injecting it with his signature blend of frontier action, family conflict, social commentary, and rich visual landscapes.

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The inaugural 1923 season ends in early 1923, teeing up events to come in season 2 later in the decade that further shape the Dutton legacy. Sheridan promises plenty more turbulent history impacting the ranch through WWII, ultimately setting up John Dutton Sr. to inherit the Yellowstone ranch in the flagship show’s present-day timeline.

Sheridan toys with fans via trailers and casting notices hinting at future 1923 roles. Actor Brandon Sklenar who plays Spencer Dutton posted his 1923 return to set on Instagram confirming season 2 filming is underway. And rumors swirl of new cast members playing historical figures like legendary lawman Bass Reeves.

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GenreWestern, Drama
Created ByTaylor Sheridan
StarringHarrison Ford, Helen Mirren, Brandon Sklenar, Darren Mann
No. of Seasons1
No. of Episodes8
Original NetworkParamount+
Original ReleaseDecember 18, 2022 – present
Season 2 StatusRenewed, filming underway

Where Can I Watch 1923 In Yellowstone?

Where can you watch 1923 season 2 when it debuts? The entire Yellowstone universe streams exclusively via Paramount Plus, so the 1923 chapter 2 will be available on that platform upon release.

Fans have about a 10 month wait until the next batch of 1923 episodes likely return in December 2023 or early 2024. This gives viewers a chance to binge the initial season exploring the first challenges confronted by patriarch Jacob Dutton (Ford) and matriarch Cara Dutton (Mirren).

The show chronicles their efforts building up the early Yellowstone ranch empire while combatting rivals and external turmoil like displacement of Indigenous peoples. Critical reception and viewership numbers have been strong for 1923 season 1 as it adds texture to the Duttons’ 100-year-old backstory.

when will 1923 season 2 be released

So expect season 2 to pick back up in the late 1920s timejumping closer to WWII and dealing with the fallout of season 1’s intense finale. Sheridan is a masterful storyteller, so 1923 devotees anticipate he’ll craft another compelling 8 episode arc for the Dutton ancestors while linking events closer to the contemporary Yellowstone storyline.

Stay tuned next winter for official season 2 announcements confirming the 1923 return on Paramount Plus. In the meantime, catch up on the origins tale of how the Dutton family defended their land and legacy amidst historical hardships placing their Montana cattle ranch in jeopardy.

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How Many 1923 Episodes?

When the Yellowstone prequel series 1923 premiered on Paramount+ in December 2022, fans were thrilled to dive deeper into the origin story of the formidable Dutton family. Starring Hollywood icons Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as the Dutton patriarch and matriarch, the show chronicles the trials and tribulations their family faces in the early 20th century American West.

One question fans have asked is – how many episodes will 1923 consist of? Season 1 spanned an intense, dramatic 8 episodes ranging from about 50 to 70 minutes each. That gave viewers nearly 8 hours of quality content expanding the Dutton backstory through pivotal historical events like Prohibition and the onset of the Great Depression.

Creator Taylor Sheridan is renowned for well-paced, addictive series that leave fans begging for more. His shows highlight stirring scenery and cinematography with multilayered characters grappling with exterior conflicts and internal demons. 1923 delivers this in spades against the harsh yet beautiful backdrop of rural Montana where the Dutton ranch first took root.

Is 1923 On Paramount Or Paramount Plus?

The inaugural 8 episode arc concludes in 1923 itself, foreshadowing more external threats on the horizon that will continue shaping the fierce resilience of this family dynasty. Paramount was so pleased with the strong viewership and critics’ reception of season 1 that they already renewed 1923 for a second season likely consisting of another 8 episodes.

Shooting is reportedly underway for the next chapter that will advance closer to WWII and reveal more secrets that molded John Dutton Sr.’s experiences before inheriting the Yellowstone. Sheridan is masterfully connecting the origin prequels to establish the rich, complex groundwork for characters we meet decades later in the contemporary flagship show Yellowstone.

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Why Can’t I Watch 1923?

So where can fans watch 1923 season 2 when it releases? Since Sheridan’s entire Yellowstone universe, including 1883 and 1923, stream exclusively on Paramount+, the highly-anticipated next installment will be available on that platform. Release dates are not yet announced but season 2 should debut sometime in late 2023 based on production timelines.

In the meantime, this gives new viewers a chance to binge over 7 hours of compelling drama in 1923’s first season. Devoted fans are already dissecting clues about what’s to come and theorizing how the 1920’s Duttons will combat the harsh economic landscape of the Great Depression and early WWII era.

While 8 episodes per season may feel short given the intricate, multigenerational Dutton story left unfinished, Sheridan’s master vision should satisfy loyal Yellowstone fans. Stay tuned for more details on 1923 season 2 as we journey further through the trials and transformations that solidified the Dutton legacy!

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