No Word on Glitch Season 4 as Fans Hope for Renewal of Australian Supernatural Hit

The upcoming fourth season of the acclaimed sci-fi drama “Glitch” has been building among its ardent fan base. Created by the visionary duo Tony Ayres and Louise Fox, and brought to life by Matchbox Pictures in collaboration with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, “Glitch” first graced television screens on ABC on October 15, 2016. The series boasts a stellar ensemble cast, including the likes of Patrick Brammall, Emma Booth, Sean Keenan, and Hannah Monson, and has since cultivated a loyal following eager for updates on the series’ continuation.

Despite the show’s evident popularity, an official renewal for a fourth season by ABC remains pending. As of February 2023, fans are left without a release date, fostering a realm and uncertainty regarding the show’s future trajectory.

Glitch Season 4 Release Date

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Glitch Season 4 Release Date

The reasons behind the absence of a renewal announcement for Glitch are not transparent, with no official word from ABC. However, several theories have emerged among the fan community and critics.

One potential factor could be the show’s performance metrics, such as its IMDb rating. “Glitch” stands at a respectable 7.3 out of 10, based on 17,595 user votes, yet this figure trails behind other ABC dramas like “How to Get Away with Murder” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” which boast ratings surpassing 8.0.

Production complexities might also contribute to the delay. Known for its intricate storylines and a diverse cast of characters, “Glitch” demands a significant investment in time and resources, especially considering its sci-fi elements and the requisite special effects. It is plausible that the network and production team are dedicating additional time to ensure the forthcoming season aligns with the high-quality benchmark established by its predecessors.

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GenreDrama, mystery, supernatural
Created byTony Ayres, Louise Fox
StarringPatrick Brammall, Emma Booth, Emily Barclay
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes18
Original networkABC
Original releaseJuly 9, 2015 – August 25, 2017

It is crucial to acknowledge that such delays in renewals are not uncommon in the television industry. Networks frequently deliberate over such decisions, and various factors, including ratings, production logistics, and scheduling conflicts, can influence the timing of show renewals.

In the interim, the first three seasons of “Glitch” remain accessible for viewing pleasure on ABC and streaming platforms like Netflix. For newcomers to the series, it comes highly recommended as a standout example of sci-fi and drama fusion, crafted with narrative depth and performed by a gifted cast.

when is glitch season 4 coming out

How many seasons is glitch?

The silence on the status of “Glitch” Season 4, while disheartening for fans, leaves the show’s future open-ended. Until an official declaration is made by ABC, conjectures will continue to swirl. Nonetheless, the anticipation for the return of “Glitch” is palpable, and should Season 4 materialize, it promises to deliver the unique combination of drama, science fiction, and suspense that has cemented the show as a cult favorite.

Is season 4 Confirmed?

From an industry expert’s perspective, it must be noted that Season 4 of “Glitch” has not received official confirmation from ABC. The silence from the show’s creators and production house does not bode well for immediate prospects. Fans are advised to maintain a measured outlook and await any forthcoming announcements regarding the show’s fate.

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“Glitch” has completed three seasons, leaving a trail of unresolved narratives and a craving for closure among its viewers. The show’s rich storytelling, coupled with its artistic execution, warrants a continuation that has yet to be promised. Advocates and enthusiasts of the series call for a deserved extension that would honor the show’s quality and its audience’s commitment.

will there be a season 4 of glitch on netflix

Questions linger about the possibility of “Glitch” Season 4 appearing on Netflix, alongside inquiries about a potential trailer, cast updates, and narrative continuations from where Season 3 left off. The abrupt cancellation of “Glitch” has left many wondering about the reasons behind the decision and whether the story will find resolution through a new season or alternative formats.


In sum, “Glitch” has established itself as a noteworthy series within the sci-fi drama genre, with a narrative that has resonated deeply with its audience. The uncertainty surrounding Season 4 is a testament to the complexities of television production and network decision-making.

As the conversation around “Glitch” continues, it serves as a reminder of the intricate relationship between a show’s creators, its fans, and the platforms that bring such stories to life. Whether “Glitch” will return for a fourth season remains to be seen, but the series’ impact on its viewers is indelible, ensuring that its legacy will endure in the annals of sci-fi television history.

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