The Asterisk War Season 3: Renewal Status, Potential Release Date, Story Details, and More On The Action Anime Series’ Return

The realm of anime is ever-expanding, with series that capture the imagination and hearts of viewers worldwide. Among these is “The Asterisk War,” a series that combines the thrill of sci-fi action with the drama of high school life, all wrapped in the competitive spirit of the Festas battles. With two successful seasons under its belt, the anticipation for “The Asterisk War Season 3” is palpable. Here, everything we know so far about the potential continuation of this vibrant series.

At present, the fate of The Asterisk War Season 3 hangs in the balance. There has been no official word from A-1 Pictures Inc., the studio responsible for the anime, on whether the journey of Ayato and his companions will continue. This uncertainty is not unusual in the anime industry, where production can be a lengthy process, influenced by factors such as animation quality, narrative complexity, and external disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Asterisk War Season 3 Release Date

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The Asterisk War Season 3 Release Date

Despite the silence on an official release date, several indicators hint at the possibility of a third season. The series boasts a solid fanbase, reflected in its MyAnimeList rating and social media presence. Its unique fusion of genres and compelling characters has set it apart, suggesting that there’s more to explore in the Asterisk universe.

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The show’s availability on Netflix also bodes well for its future. The streaming giant’s investment in anime has grown, and its platform can offer “The Asterisk War” an opportunity to reach a global audience, potentially increasing its viability for a new season.

NameThe Asterisk War
FormatLight novel series, manga, anime
Written byYuu Miyazaki
Published inMedia Factory (novels), Kadokawa Shoten (manga)
No of light novel volumes17 (as of Dec 2022)
No of manga volumes9 (as of Dec 2021)
Anime directed byManabu Ono
No of anime seasons2
No of anime episodes24 per season
Original run2012 – present (novels), 2013 – present (manga), 2015-2016 (anime)
GenresAction, sci-fi, fantasy, romance
Anime studioA-1 Pictures
LicensorsAniplex of America (anime)

The release date for “The Asterisk War Season 3” is challenging without official announcements. However, considering the typical production timeline for anime and the current global situation, a late 2023 release could be feasible if the series is greenlit soon. This estimate is tentative and subject to change based on the decisions of A-1 Pictures Inc. and any unforeseen production delays.

The Enduring Appeal of The Asterisk War

“The Asterisk War” has not concluded its tale. The ongoing light novel series provides a wealth of material for future episodes, and the anime’s presence on Netflix keeps it in the public eye. The story’s blend of action, fantasy, and romance continues to engage fans, leaving many hopeful for a third season announcement.

Questions linger in the minds of fans: Who will Ayato ultimately choose among his potential love interests? What is the fate of his missing sister? These narrative threads are yet to be tied, suggesting that the story is far from over. The anime has skillfully balanced its action-packed duels with these personal stories, ensuring viewers remain invested in the characters’ journeys.

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where can i watch the asterisk war season 3


The Legacy of The Asterisk War

“The Asterisk War” concluded its second season on June 26, 2016, leaving a legacy of 24 episodes that showcased the talents of Genestella students in the grand Festas tournaments. The series has left a mark on the anime landscape, with its engaging plot and dynamic battle sequences.

Looking Forward

As we await concrete news on “The Asterisk War Season 3,” fans can only based on the information available. The series has all the makings of a show worthy of continuation, from its narrative depth to its production quality. Whether it will return is a question only time can answer.

Has The Asterisk War ended?

The Asterisk War has not yet come to a conclusive end. While there has been no official announcement of a third season, the series has not been cancelled either. The second season of the show was well-received by fans and managed to maintain a solid 7/10 rating on MyAnimeList.

Additionally, the fact that The Asterisk War is now available on Netflix suggests that the show is still considered to be successful and promising. With the light novel series still ongoing and the potential for renewal from A-1 Pictures Inc., there is a high chance that a third season will be released in the near future.

Who does Amagiri Ayato end up with?

This relatability also extends to Ayato’s interactions with the female characters, notably Julis and Kirin. Though romance is not the focus, hints of affectionate tension shine through in heartwarming moments between them. Yet no definitive conclusions are drawn, much like the ambivalent nature of youthful relationships in real life. These bonds are still blossoming, and the fans watch with bated breath, sharing in the characters’ emotional journeys.

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What happened to Ayato’s sister?

At the core lies Ayato Amagiri, a kind yet determined young man searching tirelessly for his missing sister. His quest carries an air of intrigue, for Haruka’s disappearance seems entangled in the complex politics of the show’s world. Ayato’s perseverance despite the unclear path ahead demonstrates a deep devotion familiar to anyone with siblings. It resonates with the viewers, stirring in them an urge to root for and stand by Ayato during difficult times.

When did Asterisk war end?

Though the show is currently on hold after two well-received seasons, there remains much intrigue to explore in its world. Haruka’s fate, Ayato’s coming-of-age, the Genestella rivalries – numerous story arcs sit poised with potential. Like the characters setting forth with determination into the future, the fans await with optimism for the day The Asterisk War resumes its epic tale. Until then, the memories it has forged will burn bright in our hearts.


“All About the Asterisk War Season 3” remains a topic of great interest. The series has captured a dedicated following, and its potential for renewal is supported by its past success and the opportunities presented by platforms like Netflix. For now, fans of “The Asterisk War” can revisit the first two seasons and the light novels, keeping the spirit of the Festas alive as they hope for the return of this beloved anime.

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